2022 5210+ Challenge!

The Healthy Kids 5210+ Challenge is a FREE month-long program sponsored by Healthy Kids Club. During February, students, staff and families learn and practice the 5210+ healthy habits. In 2021, 100 schools from 10 northern Colorado school districts participated in the Challenge.

Over $22,000 in prize money was awarded to the schools with the highest percentage participation!

For 2022:

Students, staff and families will receive a paper log to complete at home. Logs and posters will be delivered to your school the week of Jan. 17.

At the end of the Challenge, participants will fill out an online form to submit their total number of checkmarks.

  • Schools with the highest student, staff and family participation will be awarded prize money to spend on PE equipment and school wellness initiatives.

  • Students and staff that get the minimum number of checkmarks will receive a FREE 5210+ Challenge t-shirt.

  • Families that get the minimum number of checkmarks will be entered into a Healthy Kids Club prize drawing.

QUESTIONS? Laurie.Zenner@uchealth.org

Watch the 2022 Healthy Kids 5210+ Video!