Raglan Shire Artwalk 2020 Information & Requirements


ArtWalk 2020 Info & Requirements

Please read & print this information!

Registering for ArtWalk implies that you have read and agree to this information.

SHOW DATES: May 17 - June 21, 2020

LOCATION: Raglan Shire Sim Cluster


ENTRY OPENS: Monday April 20 at noon SLT

ENTRY CLOSES: Sunday, May 10 at 9 pm SLT

NOTIFICATION OF LOCATIONS on sims sent to 3D artists: Tuesday May 12

SET UP FOR ARTISTS: Fri May 15 beginning at 9 AM SLT and all day Sat May 16

TAKEDOWN WORKS: Sun June 21 after 9 pm SLT and Monday June 22.*

* After that, they are removed from the group and stuff is returned.

RAGLAN ARTWALK is a non-juried show. All levels of artists may show their works, as defined by Types of Art below.


For the purposes of this show, qualifying art is defined as representations of RL photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital fine art that can be displayed on a prim; and SL photography, manipulated SL photography and SL sculpture. Pictures of RL crafts, such as beadwork, leatherwork, etc., are NOT part of this show definition.


- 2D art: 15 LI (land impact) total for "flat" art (painting, photography, drawing). Please make your works 1 prim, framing included. No hovertext, please.

- Sculpture: up to 3 pieces for a maximum land impact count of 500 LI TOTAL for all pieces- please inform us through the online registration form as to the prim count (LI) on the pieces you propose to show. Also let us know the height and footprint of each sculpture.


The sims are PG, which means visitors expect not to be exposed to "mature" material. I know, we can argue that definition for ages, but generally it means: please no nudity, sex, or graphic violence in the work shown. We will request removal or return works that do not fit this guideline. Thanks for your consideration.


You will need accept a group invitation to be able to set up and display your work during the event. Please free up a group.

You will receive group invitation to Artisans of Raglan Shire (with the "Artwalk Artist" tag) a day or two before set up.


Yes, you may set your work for sale at the ArtWalk.


Sim locations will be sent to participating artists on the Tuesday (5/12/20) prior to set up.

* Space along the hedgerows in Raglan Shire for 2D art is not assigned and is first come, first served.

* Any 2D art put out before 9am SLT Friday May 15th will be returned.

* Certain areas of Heron, Athens and Morning Shire will be designated for sculpture set up and available locations set with a marker.

Artists will be able to set up their work on Friday, May 15th beginning at 9 am and on Saturday, May 16th.


Artists may remove their work anytime beginning at 9 pm SLT on Sunday, June 21st, through Tuesday, June 22nd

After that time you will be removed from the Artwalk GROUP and anything left will be returned by the sims. Bye Bye Artz :)

SUBMISSION: Online entry will open Monday, April 20 at noon SLT.

Please fill out the registration form by the registration deadline Sunday, May 10 at 9 pm SLT.


Contact Artwalk Director Karmagirl Avro or Artwalk Assistants Kayak Kuu & Linn Darkwatch, and maggi696 in world.

You may also ask for help in the Friends of Raglan Shire group.