Categorifications in Representation Theory

Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th September 2020, Online

Organisers: Aran Tattar, Nicholas Williams


Categorifications are category-theoretic analogues of mathematical phenomena. This process can engender mathematical progress by allowing problems to be attacked with new techniques and theory that exist in a categorical setting. Categorification does not in general have a strict definition, and can refer to approaches in a range of different areas. This conference aims to bring together postgraduate and early career researchers interested in a wide variety of categorifications.

Invited speakers: Vanessa Miemietz (UEA), Bethany Marsh (Leeds), Marta Mazzocco (Birmingham), Katerina Hristova (UEA), Matthew Pressland (Leeds)

+ Contributed talks, see Titles and abstracts.

Attending the conference

This conference will take place online via Zoom. Zoom links will be sent round to registered participants in advance of the talks. We will hold informal discussions using in between talks.

The conference will begin on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th September and end at lunchtime on Thursday 17th September, see the schedule.

Support: We gratefully acknowledge support from a London Mathematical Society Scheme 8 Grant for Postgraduate Research Conferences held in the UK, as well as from the University of Leicester.