2020 Big Collaboration

It is time to create something better

With so many terrible events happening in the world today it is no wonder that people are 'crying out' for a different kind of world.

There is a gradual collapse of all those institutions and structures that we believed were in place to serve us. The trust has gone, and we can no longer believe what we see, read, or hear from the mainstream media.

Where on earth do we go from here?

As Einstein famously once said "we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them..."

So what can we do to create the 'intelligence' to build a replacement for what we have now? [... more on that here]

Whatever we do to get from here to there (wherever there is) we must do with compassion, care, and without wholescale bloodshed and revolution. Gradually what we recognise as society today will fade as alternative ways to solve real human problems are adopted, being more relevant and appropriate in serving the needs of the people.

This overview website

This is an introduction and overview to share an idea 'to get the ball rolling' for those that know something needs doing, and would like to be part of the biggest co-creation and collaboration project we have ever seen... that of rebuilding our society... it can start now...