2020 Agent-Based Modeling Mini-Conference

Germs & Memes: Modeling Information Flow

PSYC 469/800 Students & Jiin Jung

KU Psychology


Welcome to 2020 agent-based modeling online mini-conference!

This site presents the collaborative class projects of PSYC 469/800 Agent-Based Modeling from University of Kansas.

Our objectives are:

1) To present the models PSYC 469/800 students created to explain the flow of information.

2) To demonstrate how computational models enable clearer communication.

3) To show how diverse, multiple models help us better understand the phenomenon of interest.

4) To share with colleagues and public the knowledge generated by our collective and collaborative scientific activities.


The theme of 2020 project is Germs & Memes: Modeling Information Flow.

Consider the following situation:

Information flows across group members. Information can be germs and/or memes.

  • Model the above situation, using whatever computational modeling techniques you wish.

      • Explicitly state your model and key assumptions

      • Summarize key results.

      • Suggest some potentially interesting future directions and questions for the model.

  • Suggest some standard social science scenarios that could be usefully modeled using such a process.


Leo Niehorster-Cook & Johanna Ramirez

Abhay Alaukik & Nadia McLean

Namoos Haider, Ariadna Sandoval & Westley Youngren

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