April 29, 2019

What is the LLSA?

The Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) is part of the Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification (EMCC) program from the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). In a nutshell, every year ABEM posts an online exam covering a section of The Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine. The exam is based upon a reading list of 10-20 articles, policy papers or book chapters. To maintain eligibility for re-certification in 10 years, every board-certified EM physician is required to pass 8 of the LLSA online exams. Each exam must be taken within 3 years of posting, and collaboration for article review and examination is encouraged. More information can be found on the ABEM website.

Where are the Reading Lists?

The reading lists for 2019 ABEM website. Where available, ABEM has provided direct links to the articles from the publisher's websites. If you are an ACEP member, they also provide direct links to ALL the articles from their LLSA Resource Center or available below as PDFs. Keep in mind that you may have access to articles through your respective university affiliations if you access the publisher's website from a work computer. If you are having trouble finding a particular article, please contact one of us.

How Do I Take the Online Exams?

You should already have an ABEM account after registering for the Written and Oral Board Exams. Here are the quick instructions:

  • Log in to your Personal Page from the Main Page
  • Select EMCC Online
  • Select Register or Take a Test
  • ****Important - you need to bring a laptop/tablet which will allow access to the ABEM website/LLSA exam - please test this ahead of the conference day to ensure you can take the test in real time

Please register & pay for the LLSA 2019 exam in advance of the conference. We are running the conference on a tight schedule and it will waste time on the conference day to be dealing with payment niggles. If you want to familiarize yourself with the exam interface, there is a 15-minute tutorial that you can take after you have registered. If you plan on doing the exam tutorial, please do so in advance of the conference.

A Note about CME

We do not offer CME for the review conference. However, ABEM itself is offering 15 CME credits for activities related to taking the LLSA exam starting with the 2011 exam, but you have to register (and pay $30 more) for the CME prior to taking the LLSA exam. This is particularly important since ABEM now requires reporting 25 CME credits annually, 8 of which must be self-assessment activities (conveniently the LLSA satisfies this for each LLSA).

Conference Details & Cost

The conference will be on April 29, 2019 from approximately 7:30am to 10am at George Washington University Hospital at Ross Hall 227. To sign up for the conference, follow this link LLSA Registration. The cost of the conference will be $20 dollars for all participants, except presenters. Please pay here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/12th-annual-dc-acep-llsa-review-conference-tickets-56339089734?aff=utm_source%3Deb_email%26utm_medium%3Demail%26utm_campaign%3Dnew_event_email&utm_term=eventurl_text


Ross Hall 227

2300 I St NW, Washington, DC 20052

By Rail/Air:

  • The Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro subway station is located on campus, immediately between Ross Hall and the GW Hospital. Both Blue and Orange lines stop there. For information and maps visit http://www.wmata.com/

Driving Directions:

  • From North: Route 95 South to Route 495 West (toward Silver Spring) to Route 355 South (which becomes Wisconsin Avenue). Then follow directions as given in "From Northwest" below.
  • From Northwest: Route 270 feeds into Route 355 (which becomes Wisconsin Avenue). Proceed on Wisconsin, bearing left onto Massachusetts Avenue NW after Massachusetts crosses Wisconsin. Continue on Massachusetts until 21st Street NW. Turn right on 21st Street and continue to intersection with Eye Street. Turn right and continue to 23rd Street.
  • From West: Take 66 East over the Roosevelt Bridge Follow signs for E Street. Turn left onto 23rd Street. Continue to Eye Street NW.
  • From South: Route 395 North to Arlington Memorial Bridge, bear left at the Lincoln Memorial, turn left on 23rd Street NW, and continue a few blocks to Eye Street NW.

Where to Stay:

Please visit the GW Lodging & Dining websites for information on nearby hotels and dining choices.

How Can I Help?

We need presenters! The 2019 articles (12 in total) are split between the MedStar faculty and George Washington faculty, so please sign up for articles assigned to your group. Please sign-up below. Your job will be to summarize 1 article and answer the related LLSA exam questions in a Powerpoint slideshow of ~10min. A spreadsheet of available 12 articles and presenters can be found below.

LLSA article assignment 2019


Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (Formerly Apparent Life-Threatening Events) and Evaluation of Lower- Risk Infants: Executive Summary.pdf


Fire Related Inhalation Injury LLSA 2019.pdf

Hyperemesis LLSA 2019

Mech Ventilation LLSA 2019.pdf

Mesenteric Ischemia LLSA 2019.pdf


New Onset Seizures LLSA 2019

Ped Non Trauma Hip Path LLSA 2019.pdf

Thrombolytics in PE LLSA 2019.pdf


Unexpected Deliveries LLSA 2019.pdf