Symposium on matter at high and ultra-high pressures

Washington University in St. Louis

Crow Hall, room 204

April 21, 2018


9:00-9:30 Coffee

9:30-10:30 Session I

  • Anup Gangopadhyay (Washington University). Structure and fragility of liquids.
  • Pallavi Malavi (Washington University). High pressure investigations on semi-Heusler compound CuMnSb.
  • Narelle Deatherage (Liberty High School) . From superconductivity under pressure to raising the next generation of scientists.

10:30-10:45 Coffee

10:45-12:05 Session II

  • Craig Looney (Merrimack College). If there's a fork in the state function, take it.
  • Jing Song (Washington University). Highly correlated electron effects in selected lanthanides under extreme pressure.
  • Shanti Deemyad (University of Utah). Lithium: a mystery metal.
  • Gilberto Fabbris (Argonne National Laboratory). X-ray spectroscopy at high pressure.

12:05-1:10 Lunch [Crow Hall location TBA]

1:10-2:40 Session III

  • Keynote 1:10-2:00: Stefan Klotz (IMPMC, Sorbonne University, Paris ). Under pressure, there is always something happening.
  • Jinhyuk Lim (Washington State University). High pressure effects on 4f magnetic and hydrogen based materials.
  • James Hamlin (University of Florida). It's not just P-T, it's how you get there.

2:40-2:50 Break

2:50-4:30(?) Session IV

  • Video Presentations TBA
  • Yuhang Deng (Washington University). Superconductivity in cesium and magnetism in samarium under extreme pressure.
  • Wenli Bi (Argonne National Laboratory). High pressure studies of magnetism via synchrotron Moessbauer spectroscopy .
  • Neda Forouzani (University of Maryland). From superconductivity to superconducting circuit.
  • Harald Gossner (Intel Corp.). High-Tc materials under pressure, episode I.

4:30 PM Reception and tour of Group Schilling high pressure lab