Program schedule

Intro to the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC)

3:30-4pm - Welcome + Overview

DPC members Damaris Javier, Alexis Short, and Nancy Calderon will give a welcome, program overview, and announce the Scavenger Hunt Activity.

4-5pm - Session A: TED Talk Style Intro and Structured Discussion

Session A is a TED Talk style introduction of the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) by the initiative’s Project Leader/Director of TWD Programs, Dr. Alison Gammie from NIH.

Following Dr. Gammie's presentation, there will be an interactive discussion where representatives from the different components of the Diversity Program Consortium initiative (BUILD, NRMN, NIH, and the CEC) will be able to answer your questions. Come ready to learn more about what we do, our vision, what's next, and how you could help or join!

5-6pm - Session B: Panelists in the Round: Engaging in & Learning about Tools to Catalyze Your Professional Development

Session B starts with an introduction of several panel members of diverse backgrounds (e.g., pre and post-doctoral professionals who have trained within or outside of the Diversity Program Consortium, etc.) followed by an activity where you will be able to rotate through panelists and get to know more intimately their personal and professional experiences and recommendations as biomedical sciences trainees.

The session will wrap up with the full panel answering your questions.

6-7pm - Session C: Build and Leverage Your Social Capital Mixer, Bingo Activity, & Wrap Up

Session C is a reception with appetizers/refreshments where you will participate in the “building social capital” activity. There will be prizes for those who complete some of the announced activities. Come ready to win a prize!

Following the prize giveaways, the findings of all the activities will be displayed and we'll take a group photo.

Note: The room will be available for guests until 8pm.