Aisling Fae's Personal Site


    • Résumé: Also known as a curriculum vitae
    • Writing: Pieces I've chosen to make open are found here.
    • LinkedIn: For professionals.
    • GitHub: Samples of my C++, Fortran, Java and Web Development works
    • Tumblr: Where I post most of my artistic and literary work on three main blogs:
      • transfaerie: a blog: For somewhat lengthy text post on serious issues about gender, feminism, being trans, and whatever I want to talk about.
      • The Unseelie Studio: Pictures, Videos, Writings that are my own art.
      • Memoir Blog: Stories and experiences from my childhood up through adulthood and how they affected my views on my own gender and others.
    • Patreon: Where my art is posted first for the view of my patrons.
    • Youtube: Where artistic, instructional, and entertainment videos of mine are posted. There is no overlap in these three categories.