The 11th International Workshop on the Oceanography and Fisheries Science of the East China Sea

(2017 ECS Workshop, Nagasaki, Japan)

Important Announcement: Hotels in Nagasaki may be very difficult to reserve during this period so do so as soon as possible.

Dates: 2017 November 10 - 12

Venue: Bunkyo Skyhall, Nagasaki University

Registration fee: 3000 Yen for faculty members and 1000 Yen for undergraduate & graduate students

Register at:

The Second Circular can be downloaded below.

Second Circular.pdf

Special Course for Students: International Marine Practice on East China Sea

This is a short course from held during and after the Workshop. More information in the PDF below.

2017826 IMP on the East China Sea .pdf

Organizer: Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, Nagasaki University (NU); Faculty of Fisheries (NU); Organization for Marine Science and Technology (NU)

Co-Organizers: Jeju National University, University of the Ryuykyus, Shanghai Ocean University, National Taiwan Ocean University

Local Organizing Committee Members

  • Professor Tetsuji Muto
  • Professor Katsuyasu Tachibana
  • Professor Hideaki Nakata
  • Professor Kimihiro Yamashita
  • Professor Atsushi Ishimatsu
  • Professor Jiro Okada
  • Associate Professor Gregory N. Nishihara
  • Associate Professor Shigeto Taniyama
  • Associate Professor Naoki Yagishita
  • Associate Professor Katsuya Hirasaka
  • Assistant Professor Seiji Takeuchi
  • Assistant Professor Tadanori Fujino

Contact Information

Greg Nishihara

2017ecsworkshop at

The official language of the workshop is English.

This page will be continuously updated as we slowly prepare for the workshop.