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200-125 Exam

Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam

Questions & Answers


Question: 1

At the end of an RSTP election process, which access layer switch port will assume the discardingrole?

A. Switch3, port Gi0/2

B. Switch3, port Gi0/1

C. Swrtch4, port fa0/11

D. Switch3 , portfa0/12

E. Switch3, port fa0/1

F. Swrtch4, port fa0/2

Answer: C

Question: 2

A router has learned three possible routes that could be used to reach a destination network Oneroute is from EIGRP and has a composite metric of 07104371. Another route is from OSPF with ametric of 782 The last is from RIPv2 and has a metric of 4 Which route or routes will the router installin the routing table?

A. the EIGRP route

B. the OSPF route

C. the RIPv2 route

D. all three routes

E. the OSPF and RIPv2 routes

Answer: A

Question: 3

If you configure syslog messages without specifying the logging trap level, which log messages willthe router send?

A. error conditions only

B. warning and error conditions only

C. normal but significant conditions only

D. all levels except debugging

E. informational messages only

Answer: E

Question: 4

Which feature facilitates the tagging of frames on a specific VLAN?

A. routing

B. hairpinning

C. switching

D. encapsulation

Answer: D

Question: 5

Which WAN topology provides a direct connection from each site to all other sites on the network?

A. single-homed

B. full mesh

C. point-to-point

D. hub-and-spoke

Answer: B

Question: 6

Which two options are primary responsibilities of the APIC-EM controller? (Choose two.)

A. It automates network actions between different device types.

B. It provides robust asset management.

C. It tracks license usage and Cisco IOS versions.

D. It automates network actions between legacy equipment.

E. It makes network functions programmable.

Answer: A, E

Question: 6

Which command can you enter to troubleshoot the failure of address assignments?

A. show ip dhcp pool

B. show ip dhcp database

C. show ip dhcp import

D. clear ip dhcp server statistics

Answer: A

Question: 7

Which three options are the major components of a network virtualization architecture? (Choose three.)

A. virtual network services

B. authentication services

C. network access control

D. network resilience

E. path isolation

F. policy enforcement

Answer: ACE

Question: 8

Which type of MAC address is aged automatically by the switch?

A. automatic

B. manual

C. dynamic

D. static

Answer: C

Question: 9

Which two statements about TACACS+ are true? (Choose two.)

A. It can run on a UNIX server.

B. It authenticates against the user database on the local device.

C. It is more secure than AAA authentication.

D. It is enabled on Cisco routers by default.

E. It uses a managed database.

Answer: A, E

Question: 10

when you troubleshoot an IPv4 connectivity issue on a router, which three router configurationchecks you must perform?

A. Verify that the router interface IP address IP address is correct.

B. Verify that the DNS is configured correctly.

C. Verify that the router and the host use the same subnet mask.

D. Verify that the router firmware is up-to-date.

E. Verify that a default route is configured.

F. Verify that the route appears in the routing table

Answer: ABF

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