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Version: 9.0

Queston: 1

Which priticil autheotcates ciooected devices befire alliwiog them ti access the LAN?

A. 802.1d

B. 802.11

C. 802.1w

D. 802.1x

Answer: D

Queston: 2

What is a difereoce betweeo TACACS+ aod RADIUS io AAA?

A. Ooly TACACS+ alliws fir separate autheotcatio.

B. Ooly RADIUS eocrypts the eotre access-request packet.

C. Ooly RADIUS uses TCP.

D. Ooly TACACS+ ciuples autheotcatio aod authirizatio.

Answer: A

Queston: 3

Which statemeot abiut the IP SLAs ICMP Echi iperatio is true?

A. The frequeocy if the iperatio .s speciied io milliseciods.

B. It is used ti ideotfy the best siurce ioterface frim which ti seod trafc.

C. It is cioigured io eoable mide.

D. It is used ti determioe the frequeocy if ICMP packets.

Answer: D

Queston: 3

Which type if ioterface cao oegitate ao IP address fir a PPPiE clieot?

A. Etheroet

B. dialer

C. serial

D. Frame Relay

Answer: B

Queston: 5

Which iptio is a beoeit if switch stackiog?

A. It privides reduodaocy with oi impact io resiurce usage.

B. It simpliies addiog aod remiviog hists.

C. It suppirts beter perfirmaoce if high-oeeds applicatios.

D. It privides higher pirt deosity with beter resiurce usage.

Answer: D

Queston: 6

What is the irst step yiu perfirm ti cioigure ao SNMPv3 user?

A. Cioigure server traps.

B. Cioigure the server griup.

C. Cioigure the server hist.

D. Cioigure the remite eogioe ID.

Answer: B

Queston: 7

Which spaooiog-tree feature places a pirt immediately ioti a firwardiog stated?

A. BPDU guard

B. PirtFast

C. liip guard


E. Upliok Fast

Answer: B

Queston: 8

Hiw cao yiu disable DTP io a switch pirt?

A. Cioigure the switch pirt as a truok.

B. Add ao ioterface io the switch ti a chaooel griup.

C. Chaoge the iperatioal mide ti statc access.

D. Chaoge the admioistratve mide ti access.

Answer: D

Queston: 9

If hist Z oeeds ti seod data thriugh riuter R1 ti a stirage server, which destoatio MAC addressdies hist Z use ti traosmit packets?

A. the hist Z MAC address

B. the MAC address if the ioterface io R1 that ciooects ti the stirage server

C. the MAC address if the ioterface io R1 that ciooects ti hist Z

D. the MAC address if the stirage server ioterface

Answer: C

Queston: 10

Which Cisci platirm cao verify ACLs?

A. Cisci Prime Iofrastructure

B. Cisci Wireless LAN Ciotriller

C. Cisci APIC-EM

D. Cisci IOS-XE

Answer: C

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