1z0 932 Practice Test Questions

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1Z0-932 Exam

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Question: 1

Which two parameters are required in a back end set's HTTP health check?

A. response body

B. URL path

C. timeout

D. port

E. status code

Answer: BD

Question: 2

Which two are true for achieving High Availability on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Store your database across multiple regions so that half of the data resides in one region and the other half resides in another region.

B. Attach your block volume from Availability Domain 1 to a compute instance in Availability Domain 2 (and vice versa) so that they are highly available.

C. Configure your database to have Data Guard in another Availability Domain in Sync mode within a region.

D. Store your database files on Object Storage so that they are available in all Availability Domains in all regions.

E. Distribute your application servers across all Availability Domains within a region.

Answer: CE

Question: 3

Which two configuration formats does Terraform support?





Answer: BC

Question: 4

At the end of a tarraform apply operation, what is the default output?

A. nothing by default

B. statistics about what was added, changed, and destroyed

C. the entire state file

D. statistics and the values of outputs

Answer: B

Question: 5

You have created a public subnet in a VCN, and your public subnet has a Route Table, a Security List, and an Internet Gateway. However, none of the compute Instances can connect to the Internet. Which two are possible reasons for the connectivity Issue?

A. There is no Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG) associated with the VCN.

B. The Route Table has no default route for routing traffic to the Internet Gateway.

C. There is no stateful ingress rule in the Security List associated with the public subnet.

D. There is no stateful egress rule in the Security List associated with the public subnet.

Answer: BD

Question: 6

You want an instance in your compartment to make API calls to other services within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without storing credentials in a configuration file. What do you need to do?

A. No action is required. By default, all VM instances are created with an Instance Principal.

B. Instances cannot access service outside their compartment.

C. VM instances are treated as users. Create a user and assign the user to that VM Instance.

D. Create appropriate matching rules in the Dynamic Group to create an instance Principal.

Answer: D

Question: 7

Which three must be configured for a load balancer to accept Incoming traffic?

A. a listener

B. a back-end server

C. a back end set

D. a security list that is open on a listener port

E. a certificate

Answer: ACD

Question: 8

Which two statements are true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Service?

A. You can launch a virtual or bare metal Instance by using the same Launch Instance API.

B. You cannot launch a bare metal server in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Service.

C. You can attach a block volume in an Availability Domain other than your compute Instance.

D. You can share custom Images across tenancies and regions.

Answer: AB

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