Creative Life Practice (CLP)™

Zoom FIRST MONDAY Workshops

OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™


90 min. ZOOM-Drop-In Workshop Series

Held on the 1st MONDAY of EACH MONTH

PLEASE NOTE: SEPTEMBER 2021 the workshop will be held on the SECOND MONDAY


~Monday, SEPTEMBER 13, 2021~

6:30 - 8:00pm

(USA Eastern Standard Time)

All Workshops are Led by OTOA CLP Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis

See REGISTRATION Details Below

Registration for the Next Workshop is required by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 @5pm

~ You do not need to be an artist to benefit from a Creative Life Practice ~

What is the aim of OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)?

OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ is a course of study offering the principles for creative, personal & professional actualization and transformation.

OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ workshops and private coaching sessions provide the tools for the practice of creating your life as a fulfilled expression of your nature and purpose.


"Creativity is something we employ in the manifestation of all our endeavors."

- Gia Forakis

What is an OTOA CLP Workshop?

The OTOA CLP workshop curriculum is built upon the 6 Aspects for Creativityand the One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)technique of incremental thought and action.

The 6 Aspects for Creativity are the primary tools and principles for creating change, and for bringing a sense of purpose and fulfilment to all areas of our lives: personal, professional, practical or visionary.

The 6 Aspects of Creativity are the tools and principles that anyone --artist and non-artists alike-- can harness in the production of a project, for achieving a goal, or in the practice of creating our lives.

OTOA CLP workshops are interactive, creative, learning environments designed to offer participants a path for reflection, insight, illumination, and personal growth .

TESTIMONIAL: "Gia made it all clear. After just a few hours I began to see that my random collection of notes and observations weren't a mess, but a path on which I could reach my goals. I started the CLP workshop with questions and left empowered to effect change and with the tools to do so."

~ Sharahn LaRue, Artist & Educator, Brooklyn, NY, CLP Participant

What is the First Monday Series?

The 1st Monday Series is

    • A 90-min. Zoom Workshop

    • On the 1st Monday of each month

    • From 6:30- 8:00pm

    • Each month we focus on one of the Six Aspects for Creativity

    • Space is limited to 8 participants

    • Pay-What-You-Can Afford

What does each session include?

Each session will include :

  • A 3-5 min. YOTOA™ Warm-Up*

  • 1-2 Group Activity

  • Dialogue & Exchange on the Topic/Aspect of the evening

  • One Guided Visualization

*YOTOA: a unique combination of Yoga + OTOA , led by Certified Yoga Teacher & OTOA PTT Master Artist, Stephanie Regina.

Is registration required?

Yes, registration is required & space is limited

After registration you will receive:

  • How & What to Prepare

  • A list of materials you will need for the session

  • The Zoom link for the session

  • Instructions for how to make your Pay-What-You-Can-Afford Contribution

  • Payment Reserves your spot


• All sessions are led in ENGLISH. Ability to speak in ENGLISH is necessary

• Registration is required. Details below.

• Either a computer with a video camera or a smartphone with video interface capabilities.

• A strong internet connection

Please Note:

The SEPTEMBER OTOA Creative Life Practice FIRST MONDAY Workshop

has been moved to the SECOND MONDAY, September 13


Yup. Procrastination...Again!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The September New Moon and the (Jewish) New Year (Rosh Hashona) are designed to line up to intentionally make it an ideal time for reflection, nurturing, healing, and new beginnings. This year, the two also aligned with our Labor Day Holiday, a day off from the routine of our daily labors.

However, no matter what dates the above mentioned events take place, September has evolved into the month when we lay aside our summer-vacation-mentality and prepare to get back into a more pragmatic and disciplined attitude towards daily life: back to work, back to school, back to our routines.

Because of this, September has become a very good time to revisit the creative aspect of TECHNIQUE/DISCIPLINE, an aspect that always comes along with its shadowy "step-child": PROCRASTINATION.

I hope you will join us this SEPTEMBER 13th for the our OTOA Creative Life Practice Workshop, where we observe our relationship to Technique & Discipline and discover the role of Procrastination in the practice of creating our lives.

All " First Monday " Workshops are PAY -WHAT-YOU-CAN-AFFORD, 90-minute Zoom Workshops (normally) held on the first Monday of each month. They are designed as interactive environments for the introduction and study of OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ through group exercises, dialogue, pre-workshop creative assignments, and in-workshop guided visualizations.

OTOA CLP Workshops and Private Coaching Sessions aim to bring a more engaged and proactive relationship with the practice of creating our lives.

I look forward to supporting your creative life practice.

L'Shona Tova

Gia Forakis

Founder & Master Teacher

One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™

Creative Life Practice (CLP)™

A Path for Creating Personal & Collective Change


Registration is required by


for the AUGUST 2nd Workshop


Please Contact: OTOA.info@gmail.com

In your email please include the following:

  1. Your Full Name

  2. Your Phone Number

  3. Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)

  4. Where You Heard About This Workshop (e.g. Facebook? LinkedIn? Other...?)

  5. A Few Words About Yourself

  6. What Interests You About OTOA Creative Life Practice?

  7. Please include " FIRST MONDAY " in Subject of your email


After we receive your email, with the registration information outlined in STEP ONE, if there is still space in the workshop, you will receive a Confirmation and Preparation Email, with the following information:

• The ZOOM link to the workshop

• Preparation details and any materials you will need

Instructions for how to make a Pay- What-You-Can-Afford- contribution.

• Payment reserves your spot in the workshop

Cancellation Policy

Bear in mind that this event is limited to 8 participants. Therefore, we ask that if you must cancel that you please alert us as soon as possible, so someone else has the opportunity to step into your spot if the session is at capacity.

Please Note: There are no refunds. Prepaid contributions will be offered as credit towards participation in another 90-min Zoom workshop within 6 months from payment*

~Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

*Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis

All Photos on this page by G. Forakis