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Finest Floors On Existing Floors

If your current floor finish is still in good condition but you still want to renew it, you can simply lay your new floor on the existing floor. You then choose a floor with a thin structure; this way you avoid large crushing works for your floor renovation. Here we discuss some options if you want to place a new floor on an existing floor. Best Hardwood Flooring Charlotte NC on 1stflooring

1) Cast Floor

Cast floors are usually only a few millimeters thick and give your interior a sleek look. They can be placed on all kinds of surfaces: tile floors, concrete floors and screed are good underlays for screed floors.

For private use, the polyurethane floor is mainly recommended. Other types of screed floors are the epoxy floor and the acrylic floor. In addition, there is also talk of cement-bound poured floors. Strictly speaking, these are not real cast floors because they are less self-leveling, but in practice one nevertheless speaks of a cement-bound 'cast floor'.

Cast floors are laid in different layers. These layers must always be able to dry well before the next layer can be poured. The installation of a pouring floor therefore quickly takes a few days. Only the acrylic floor, which is mainly used in industrial environments, can usually be placed on less than 1 day.


You can also lay tiles over an existing floor. These are so-called renovation tiles. The thickness of this is also only a few millimeters, but they are firm. The thin tiles are available in different sizes and finishes, so that you can largely determine the look of your new floor.

The price for these tiles will be a lot higher compared to standard tiles. Thanks to the thin structure of the tiles, which are glued to the existing floor, you avoid high costs that are related to the break-out of an existing floor. A large floor renovation will also cause much more discomfort (dust, debris, ...).

1st Flooring


Cork floors are usually no more than 1 centimeter thick and are therefore very suitable as a floor on an existing floor. A cork floor forms a pleasant surface and can be finished in various ways. In addition, a cork floor also has good insulating properties (thermal insulation and sound insulation) and can also be used in damp rooms.

You can opt for placing a cork floor with a click system. This is similar to click laminate. Cork tiles are also possible. These are then glued onto the existing floor finish.


Laying a parquet or laminate floor on top of an existing floor is also possible. The warm appearance of wood is a real added value for your interior.

When placing a parquet or laminate floor on top of an existing floor finish, it will be necessary to first install a subfloor, which will also provide extra insulation. However, parquet and laminate can not be placed on any floor. On tile floors or wooden floors this is normally not a problem, but carpet is best removed for laying the new floor


With a floor in PVC you opt for a strong and maintenance-friendly floor. It is also a thin floor: the thickness is usually only a few millimeters. You can get a lot of looks with this plastic floor. For example, you can opt for a PVC floor with a wood look.

You can lay a PVC floor on, among other things, tiles or parquet. This can be done via different systems, for example with a click system or by gluing the floor on the existing floor.


- Leveling: if you place a thin floor over an existing floor, it must be a level floor. If this is not the case, the floor must first be leveled. This will incur extra costs. You can expect at prices from 8 euros per m2.

1st Flooring
1st Flooring

- Adjustments to doors and thresholds: by choosing a thin floor (with a thickness of only a few millimeters) you will normally not have to make any adjustments to doors or thresholds in the house. However, if you opt for a slightly thicker floor (cork, parquet and laminate are soon an inch thick), then you may have to shorten your doors slightly below.

- Suitability of the old floor for the new floor finish: it is important to check for the work whether your old floor finish is a suitable surface for the new floor finish. For example, a casting floor on a wooden surface can give problems. In addition, the existing floor must still be in good condition. Laying a new thin floor on a sagging floor makes no sense at all. A specialist in floor renovations can give you advice on the approach to be followed.

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