ONLINE ORDERS CLOSED -- We will have a small number (approx 100 trees) for sale on Sat morning 15th September. These can be selected and picked up from the scout hall. 52 Ford street Ivanhoe

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52 Ford Street Ivanhoe

8a Wallace street Ivanhoe

Established 1945

We currently have two halls. Ford st and Wallace street Ivanhoe. Cubs Joeys and Scouts meet at Ford street and Venturers meet at Wallace street. As we complete the renovation to Wallace street we will be moving all sections over to Wallace street during 2019


Our Scout group is one of the most progressive in the district. We now have active members and leaders in all age groups from Joeys 6-8yrs,Cubs 8-11 yrs , Scouts 11-15 yrs and, Venturers 15-18 yr and Rovers 18 - 25 yrs. All sections currently have qualified leaders

Our Scout Group, like all other groups, is a family organization, and it is the participation of the members and their families that have made us so successful. All our leaders and committee members are parents of past or present members of our Scout Group. Some have been leaders for over 25 years and others have just begun. We do not get any financial assistance from the scout association and the training of leaders, management and funding of our hall and most other activities is provided from the annual fees and occasional fund raising activity. The scout association through its portion of the annual fees gives us the infrastructure and support required to provide scouting programs.

Cubs meet on Monday nights, Joeys and Scouts meet on Tuesday nights, and Venture's meet on Wednesday nights,Rovers meet on Thursday nights at a different hall. Many of the meetings are held in our own Scout hall at Ford Street Ivanhoe and others are held at outside venues depending on the particular activity. WE ARE SCOUTS AND WE LOVE TO DO ACTIVITIES IN THE OUTDOORS.

APRIL 2017 CAMP. Our younger scouts having fun on a weekend camp in the bush.


Six scouts planned the journey and rode along the Rail trail from Mansfield to Trawool.

3 days,2 nights with no adult support.

If you would like to learn more about our Group give us a call on 0474 761281

Our group leader would be pleased to discuss any areas of scouting with you and you are also most welcome to come along to a meeting to get some idea of what scouting is all about.

Our group leader is Michael Free and he heads our scout group. He is also the leader representative of the committee. Michael has been in Scouts for several years now and his children are active members of our group. The committee is represented by many of the enthusiastic parents of members of our group. . The committee meets every few months and each position actively assists the group in achieving our objectives.

Our Group occupies the Scout Hall at 52 Ford Street Ivanhoe. The building and assets are all ultimately owned by the Scout association, while we maintain and acquire equipment when appropriate.

We are moving to our soon to be renovated new hall at 8A Wallace street during 2018