Artists are expressing the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic on life in ways that are different from and complementary to standardized measures of pandemic impact.

This Global Young Academy project aims to create an open database of artworks created during the coronavirus pandemic around the world that displays these artworks in their respective pandemic context. Submission of COVID-19-related artwork to this project welcome and appreciated. We have a focus on caricatures, but are also interested in any type of COVID-19-related art that can be dated, located, and displayed on a website.

To link art and pandemic data, we will need information about the creation and location of artwork. Therefore, if you share COVID-19 artwork with us, please include as much background information as possible; particularly, its source, date and location of creation, and, if you want, your interpretation. We hope that we can start sharing back what we collected with your help later this year.

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Contact for submissions and questions: info [ @t ] 19and.ART