192.168.11 - Setup Your Router [Updated] is a default gateway IP address that is preassigned to many routers and modems by the Internet service provider so that you can gain access to the router or modem and use it as per your need. It is often used by the user to prevent any unwanted access, cyber-attacks, or just used as an additional security layer towards their system.

Type 192.168.11

  • Use Google search engine.

  • Fill the given space.


  • Successfully logged in.

How to configure your router through

Looking for a way to configure your router just follow the steps below and you will get there in no time:

1. Open any of your web browsers in your system.

2. Go to the address bar and type, press enter.

3. A prompt will appear on your screen asking for "Username" and "Password".

4. Fill the details and you will get access to the Admin Panel of the router.

Note:- Most of the routers have the default "Username" as "Admin" or "User" and "Password" as "admin".

In some cases, if you are unable to get access through 192.168.11 then your wifi router might be using any other IP address most probably or

Forgot Username, Password, or IP address

In case you have forgotten about the username or password, or the above-mentioned Information doesn't work for you then what you need to do is right below:

1. If the "IP"(, "Username" and "Password" mentioned above don't work just check the box of your router or see under the router and you will find the details you need to know.

2. If you change the default "Username" and "Password", and forget the new password too. Then just look for the reset button on the router, and press it for 10 to 15 seconds. It will reset your password and it will go back to default settings.

How to Change Router IP Address?

As you know by now that we all get a default IP address that comes pre-assigned by your internet service provider, however, if you want to change it for any reason it can be done easily and provides you an extra layer of security to your network. Just follow the steps to know how to do it-

For TP-Link Users:

  • Visit your admin panel by entering the default IP address to your web browser.

  • Login to your admin panel through your login details. (“Username” & “Password”)

  • Click/Tap on Advanced Settings > Network > LAN.

  • Scroll down to the “IP Address” field, and click there to change it to your desired address such as

  • Click on save and the router will restart to apply the changes.

For D-link Users:

  • Login to your admin panel by entering your login details. (username: admin & password: admin/blank)

  • Visit Setup > Network settings.

  • Now you will find a popup of router IP address fields.

  • Change your IP as your preference.

For Netgear Users:

  • Login to the NetGear router settings page via “ or”.

  • Default Username “admin” and password “password”.

  • Now Visit advanced settings > Setup > LAN Setup > LAN TCP/IP Setup.

  • As you see your IP address, click on it to change it as preferred.

  • Apply changes and the system will restart to update the changes.

In any phase of the process, something goes wrong, then you can always reset your router via the reset button given below the router so that all the changes will be reverted back.


In this digital age, Restricting unwanted or unauthorized access to your local network should be the priority of any person or firm. As any loose link in your internet security can be disastrous for you as the cyber attacker can access any of your personal information against you. This is why adding an extra layer of security to your local network must be one's priority.