Class Options &Pricing

Group Training

Group training takes place 7 days a week. We have class options to fit everyone's schedule

Monday: 6am 11am 5pm 6pm

Tuesday: 6am 11am 5pm 6pm

Wednesday: 6am 11am 5pm 6pm

Thursday: 11am 5pm 6pm

Friday: 6am 11am 5pm

Saturday 9am

(Please note: 8pm classes are only 30 minutes long)

To sign up for Group Training you can come into the gym, or contact Donnie through email at Group packages are monthly. All packages expire at the end of the month (classes do not carry over unless previously discussed).

Group Training Pricing:

4x a month = $40

8x a month = $65

12x a month = $80

Unlimited = $95

*We accept cash, PayPal, debit/credit. No checks

*if you purchase any package and want to upgrade during that month, you only have to pay the difference of the next package. (Example: if you buy a 4x a month package and use all those classes, and want to upgrade to a 8x a month you would only have to pay $25)

We focus onset muscle groups each class. We do this so that our clients can come everyday without working the same muscle groups on consecutive days. This ensures our muscles heal, which not only prevents injury, but helps our muscles get stronger. Our classes our different each and every class. Not only do we switch the muscles being used, but the movements, rep range, rest periods, etc are all changed daily as well. This not only prevents our bodies from plateauing, but it also keeps the classes fun and fresh. If you have an injury or a restriction and can not perform a certain movement, we can modify the movement so that you can continue to work.

If you would like to talk more about signing up for Group Classes prior to signing up, please contact Donnie through email to set up an appointment.


Our One on One program is tailor made for each individual client. Wether you're an athlete, looking to drop a couple inches, or just want to be healthier; we can help. Movements, rep range, sets performed, weights used, and rest periods are all programmed to meet the clients individual goal. Along with personal training we take measurements periodically. We also have a closed Facebook group set up so that our clients can interact. He we go over nutrition, give at home workouts, and post anything that may be beneficial to the clients. One on One training takes place 7 days a week. Scheduling is done weekly, every Sunday. However, space is very limited. If there is a time slot open that fits your schedule you are more than welcome to take it. If there is not, be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts for opening announcements.

One on One Pricing:

1x a week = $140 a month

2x a week = $230 a month

3x a week = $310 a month

(If you are looking for more than 3x a week contact us through email.)

*We accept cash, PayPal, debit or credit. No Checks

*All payments are made prior to starting. We do not have the option to pay per class. If you cancel a class there is a cancelation fee. If you cancel two times you could lose your spot.

*Ask about our personal group training packages for teams or yourself and friends.

If you would like to talk more about signing up for One on One training prior to signing up, please contact Donnie through email to set up an appointment.


Our kids program takes place 5 days per week:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4pm

Saturday at 10pm

All children from the ages 8-15 are eligible. Like our adult classes, all movements can be modified for each child depending upon what they can do. Our main goal for this program is to teach the children how to properly move, how to control their bodies using body weighted movements, and to learn how to properly lift things by weight training. No child would ever have to do or lift anything they are not comfortable with. Cost of this program is $35 per child. If you have more than one child interested in the program we do have group rates.

*We accept cash, PayPal, debit/credit. No checks.

If you would like to talk more about signing your child up for our Super Kids Fitness Program prior to signing up, please contact Donnie through email to set up an appointment.


This program runs 3 days per week:

Monday and Wednesday at 7pm

Saturday at 11am

The cost of this program is $10 per class for non-members, and $5 per class for members. Space for this class is limited. We only take 4 people per class. To sign up for this class you must contact Donnie through email, Facebook, or text (once you come to a class you will then get the number.) Once you get the go ahead then you are registered for the class. If you sign up for the class and do not attend, you still need to pay for the class.

In this class we focus on strength training. Lots of deadlifts, squats, Presses, etc. This is personally one of my favorite classes.

If you need more information regarding this, or any of the other programs, please contact Donnie at

Earn Everything SC

5400 Eadom St

Philadelphia, PA 19137