AY 18-19 Haycock ES Science Olympiad A

14 Sept 2018 - All students picked by the administration have been notified. If students decides to decline their placement, they will be replaced with those who applied and did not get in.

Virginia SO - here you can find the events, rules, and clarifications. Please review the rule book thoroughly. It also describe what SO Div A is.

Example of study tests from last year can be here. Examples of tests

The competition date will be October 13 in Herdon. A draft schedule is in the rule book. We are team 05

The Haycock cafeteria is available from 7-8 on Tuesdays and after school on Fridays until 5 or so for pairs to meet. This is not a required or necessary event -- simply space for meeting.

Please note that because of FCPS background check requirements, Haycock PTA cannot be responsible for your child at any point until the competition day. Therefore we are not assigning mentors as had been done in the past. Please work this out with pairs.


  • No, your student cannot change their assignment. We are limited to 6 students in each category and assignments are a complex event. Your student may decline their placement if they are unhappy. Please let me know right away.
  • This is not about winning. This is about learning new things and having fun.