Luca Varone

Proiezione Video opening

Social Networking has changed our daily lives.

Friends can connect anywhere and anytime, but it is a "Double - edged sword" and can hurt you if you aren't careful.

Social Networking continues to grow, especially among older teens.

Teens spend roughly 2hr 20 min per day online, 1hr 50min on social networks.

Teens spend 79% of their online time on social networks, during that time Teens send instant messages:

88% Chat with a friend

87% Post comments on what a friend has posted

86% Post a status update

80% Post a photo or video

50% Play games

and SHARE:





58% AGE






Too much information?

31 % of Teens share content on social networks that they don't want their family or teachers to see..

18% of Teens have been embarrassed or disciplined because of something they shared on a social network.

Sharing too much can lead to CYBERBULLYING.

39% of teens on social networks have been cyberbullied.

What you share on social networks can affect your future:

Have you ever

Been JEALOUS of someone else because of a social network?

Become DEPRESSED from spending time on social network?

LOST INTEREST or FELT BORED on a social network?

If so, you are not alone.

Studies have found:


It may amplify your depression. "facebook depression"

19% of teens are "no longer visiting" or "using it less". "facebook fatigue"

are you sharing too much?

Proiezione video Apertura 1 e Apertura 2


Proiezione foto Jessie room

(Jessie è seduta nella sua camera, intenta nella visione di ideo generici trasmessi dal suo smartphone)

Proiezione Scrolling Jessie


Proiezione foto Jack room

(Jack è seduto, nella sua camera, intento nella visione di video generici trasmessi dal suo smartphone)

Proiezione Scrolling Jack


Suono macchina fotografica

Proiezione foto Jessie 1

Jessie: "Oh my God! 75 Likes! I'm so popular!". I have prepared the list last night. Well

Like a post

Poke a friend

Friend request

Post a pretty pic from your vacation

Block your mom

Click an ad

Stalk your ex

Share your dumb political opinion

Send a Gif

Candy Crush

Check to see who's celebrating birthdays

(Jessie riceve un mesaggio da Bill Walker)

Proiezione Chat Bill walker 1

Proiezione chat Bill walker 2

Bill Walker: I'm going around, what are you doing?

Bill Walker : Emoticon

Jessie: That's good OK my sweet Bill, going around and around, I have no time to answer you.

Proiezione Video chat Kelly

Kelly: Hello Jessie

Jessie: Hello Kelly

Kelly: Don't tell me you're still studying

Jessie: Oh no

Kelly: What are you doing tonight? Are you going to be at the party?

Jessie: To tell you the truth, I'd like to but, I don't know what to wear. you know my wardrobe is weeping i don't know what shoes i must wear

Diapositiva scarpiera

Friend: Are you joking? you must be there.! absolutely. Tom will be there, too.

Jessie: I don't remember... really? tom?

Friend: Yes, Tom

Diapositiva Tom

jessie: Oh Tom Shaker. (Guardando sul pc)

It's six months I have been courting him but he doesn’t care, even a little. I look at his photos every day, the fbs directs, i follow him in istagram.......and when he posts something the first " like" ..is always Deborah's.

friend: Yea, deborah

jessie: I hate her; I'm sorry but i won't come tonight; if you can, tell her

I have a date with Bill

friend: No, no Jessie

Pubblicazione Post di Jessie

Ready to the club


Suono sveglia

Jack: oh my God…………. I can't move at all today. i'm very tired. i'd like to sleep again. I don’t know why I have to wake up every day. I would like to stand up just for the week end and stop…………..oh no Today I’m very busy. Actually the first thing I have to do is pu blishing a picture on facebook….but I need a picture that make me cool. So let’s see. This is very good ( Si alza e raggiunge la scrivania in maniera claudicante si siede al pc, pubblica il primo post della giornata)

Pubblicazione Post di Jack

Today I feel very fit

Proiezione chat Chriss Smith 1

Proiezione chat Chriss Smith 2

Proiezione chat Chriss Smith 3

Chriss Smith: Going out for a beer tonight?

Chriss Smith: Where are you?

Chriss Smith: Emoticon

Jack: Always with a beer, I've just told you that last week they withdrew my driving licence because of alcohol abuse. My God why can't you understand I 'm forbidden to drink within thirty days?

Proiezione video chat Steven

Friend: hei brother, how are you? i've just noticed you have been at the gym. Was everyting ok?

Jack: Yes great

Friend: are you fine?

Jack: Yes I am.

Friend: I knew a very pretty girl on fb yesterday but I don't tell you her name.

Jack: Come on!

Friend: To give you a chance I could tell you her name, in this way you don't try with the girls I contact on social sites.

Jack: And...... tell me..... what's her name?

Friend: Jessie

Jack: Jessie?

Friend: Jessie Mc Queen

(Jack nel frattempo è già sul profilo di Jessie )

Proiezione profilo Jessie 1

Jack: Where's she from?

Friend: London, but I beg you not to try with her and above all, please, don't tell anything to Samantha

Jack: Noooo. Be calm. I 'll be silent as a fish

Friend I must greet you now.bye

Jack: bye

(Jack studia il profilo di Jessie e lo commenta )

Proiezione profilo di Jessie 2

Jack : Jessie Mc Queen lives in London; a soft face, deep eyes (glance: sguardo),sporty and I think she isn't engaged (at all). Steven said that I mustn't tell anything to Samantha,his girlfriend. Ok I agree but everything has a price,it's to say nobody can deny the possibility to approach her,including Steven too. Friendship request Ohhh wonderfull When I see a girl I like, I shoot right from the hip I send I note to see If she wants to be In an open relationship. Please be my friend number 1.505

(Buio proiezione delle due foto in contemporanea con like , vince Jessie)

Proiezione foto Jessie e jack gara dei like


(Jessie riceve un messaggio da Clara Anderson)

Proiezione chat Clara Anderson 1

Proiezione Clara Anderson 2

Clara Anderson; Deborah is among the guests?

Clara Anderson; Emoticon

Jessie: Oh... thanks Clara, I knew that bitch would have never passed up the opportunity to have a date with Tom; she would sell her soul to the devil.

Proiezione emoticon 21

(Jessie è al pc che valuta le sue richieste di amicizie)

Proiezione amico fb 1 Suono singolo tastiera (ogni foto)

Jessie: Oh my God he is a psychopath

Proiezione amico fb 2

Jessie: He has his charme but the East doesn't inspire me.

Proiezione amico fb 3

Jessie: Eh……. what kind of animal is this?

Proiezione amico f b 4

Jessie:Mmmmm disgusting……..eewwwww

Proiezione amico fb 5

Jessie: No, my grandfather

Proiezione amico fb 6

Jessie: Oh sweety , cute …..mmmm darling

Proiezione amico f b 7

Jessie: God bless you man

Proiezione amico f b 8

Jessie: Oh God he is very cool .


Please BYOB

Jessie: oh she doesn’t understand that tonight I’m not going to the party , so I will not bring any bottle of alcohol .

Jessie Emoticon 8

Video proiezione notifica per Jessie

Proiezione amico f b 9 (Jack)

Jessie: Who is this loser ?


(Jack con la cuffia nelle orecchie ascolta musica e balla con il cellulare in mano)

Proiezione jack disco


(Jessie visualizza dal pc la richiesta commentando il profilo di Jack)

Proiezione profilo di Jack

Prima foto: Noooo Who is This loser? I’ll never accept his friendly request.

Seconda foto: other losers

Terza foto: MMMMhhh He looks like he’s not too bad

Quarta foto : Wow he’s really cool

Quarta foto: Strange. looking at this photo I'd have never thought he could study in Oxford. May be he is an emigrant mafia member's son. I’m willing to contact him and realize what kind of guy he is.


Proiezione video chat Freddie

Jack: Emoticon 21

( Risponde con un emticon)

Jack: : What happened?...............I need to have a new girlfriend within a month. Gosh, I need to have a solution…………I’ll call Bob Hall

( Jack chiama Bob ma senza nessuna risposta)

Suono telefonata

Jack: I'll call James. no....no....no...He wouldn't help me and more he could take me down. Let me contact someone else on the chat..mmm..mmm...no,no, this doesn't suit me well; he could make a screenshot of my miserable message and publish it on fb.

Proiezione chat 1 Bob hall

Proiezione Chat 2 Bob Hall

Bob Hall: Can I call you later?

Bob Hall: Emoticon

Jack: Bob ,how is it possible you are able to spend half of your day in the loo?

Jack:Finally I have a solution .

I must find a book about this....yeah...I need a book. I need the right book but reading gets me bored……. The truth is that……….. I'll be alone………forever!

Proiezione video Google is your friend

Google is your Friend

No matter what you need

When you don't know where else to go

One search will do the deed

Google is your Friend

Just ask and you'll receive

With Google by your side

There's not a thing you can't achieve

When you post a stupid question

On your Twitter

When your Facebook friends just wish

Your life would end

Worry not!

We are here

We can help, make it clear

That Google is your friend!

That Google is your friend!

That Google is your friend!

Jack: Yes Google….. Why didn’t I think of it before.

Proiezione video How to find a girlfriend

Jack: How to find a girl friend……. 10 simple step

Camon let’s see

Step 1: Are You Really Ready For A Girlfriend?

Jack: Oh yes sure always ready!

Step 2: Decide What Type Of Girlfriend You Want

Jack: Simple with big boobs.

Step 3: Get Your Image In Order

Jack: I don’t need any image because I’m so cool and fascinating.

Step 4: Where To Look For A Girlfriend?

Jack: I ‘m so desperate I have watched everywhere

Step 5: Exude Confidence

Step 6: The Art Of Flirting

Jack: I feel like John Travolta

Step 7: Ask Her On A Date

Step 8: Know The Dating Rules

Step 9: Cut The Game Playing Already

Step 10: Your Girlfriend Shouldn’t Be Your Entire Life

Jack: yes, I got it but couldn't it be easier? too many things to know and to study, ugh! nowdays romanticism doesn't exist anymore. The solution is simple and it's in fb. . What a better place to contact new girls and new guys. Yes Facebook really is the perfect place

to keep in touch. With just a simple like or comment you can bet your friendship will not end.

To tell you the truth I am a cool boy; I've 1504 friends and that's not just anyone; I've got friends who have just 200……………..(Con tono I riflessione) losers (Jack è al pc a cercare nuove amicizie femminili )


(Jessie riceve un messaggio da Rose Harris)

Proiezione chat rose harris 1

Proiezione chat rose harris 2

Rose Harris: Can I call you ? I have a big problem

Rose Harris: Emoticon

Jessie: OK. you can call me even if last time your own big problem was to watch " sexy and city" or " x - factor"


Proiezione amica fb 1

Jack: Interesting but I'm looking for something different but meanwhile I'm asking for your friendship.

Proiezione amica fb 2

Jack: you are kindly unique and I want to ask for your friendship.

Proiezione amica fb 3

Jack: red passion and friendship recall

Proiezione amica f b 4

Jack: Oh my God. Milf is riding a horse but I don't want her friendship.

Proiezione amica f b 5

Jack: Princess, why are you using photoshop? Requested friendship


Proiezione Video chat Rose

Rose: Jessi (crying)

Jessie: What's happening?

Rose: Mark has left me to be with Sarah.

Jessie: I am sorry I told you he flirts all the time

Rose: I've seen her profile and I think she's a very easy girl

Jessie::ok. Don't think about it. There's Albe The spa massage therapist

Rose: ahhhh! Albert yeah sure The health club…….cool

Jessie: Fill out a friend request. Hurry up!!!!!

Rose: :. Thanks; you are a real friend. Ily (I love you)

J: I love you too

Jessie (Lei accetta l’amicizia a jack)

Suono tasto singolo


Proiezione video richiesta accettata

Jack: Finally she accepted my request.

(Jack fa un urlo di gioia ed inizia a cantare e ballare la canzone)

Musica Pine apple pen


I have a pen

I have an apple

oh… apple pen

I have a pen

I have pineapple

oh… pineapple pen

Apple pen

Pineapple pen


Pen pineapple apple pen

Pen pineapple apple p



Proiezione video chiamata dell’amico Bill

Bill: hello my love

Jessie: love to....?

Bill sorry,but weren't we together?

Jessie:Bill I've already explaned to you a thousand times we aren't engaged at all

Bill why not? you kissed me and you said:" I love you

Jessie: I was just talking about the movie

Bill and the kiss?

Jessie: : it was nice but it's over.

Bill : I have changed my fb profile I write down engaged on fb

( Jessie chiude la video chiamata)

Jessie: I am sorry, I haven't


Telefonata madre di Jack

Mom: Jack...Jack,Jack

Jack: Yes mom.

Mom: I don't know if you have realized you have been at home all week end long and you're still alone.

Jack: it isn't true mom. that's how the world works.. you know, now I....I.....now..I have 1505 ( one thousand five hundred and five) friends on fb.

Mom: 1505 friends and where are they? lately the only thing you have done is to stand alone.

Jack: Mom I’m busy now, I have to do an important thing please leave me alone

Mom: Jack you are alone

Proiezione video friends day

( Jack dopo il rimprovero della madre sale su tavolo e si rincuora all’idea di avere tanti amici su fb )

Jack: Wonderful today it’s my friendsday,

all my friends are here with me, forever. No matter who we never met,

because we are still friends.

We are in touch, every single day, we are in chat cause we exchange like.

We say happy birthday before the others remember us. Your friends make who you are .

You are all with me in my laptop and smartphone.

My mother was wrong when she told me that I was completely alone.Thanks a lot facebook to make my dreams coming true.


Proiezione chat 1 Mark Evans

Proiezione Chat 2 Mark evans

Mike Evans: But why don't you answer me?

Mike Evans: Emoticon

Jessie: My dear follower, I have no time to waste... you see if I wanted to answer everyone asks me a fb friend request, I'd hire an assistant because of the great number.

Proiezione video hashtag

( Jessie seduta al suo pc pesca un video che genera hashtag mostrandone interesse

V Jessie: Yes Hashtag………… #liked #fashion #enjoy #bepositive #instalove #likeme #photooftheday No, I've used them several times

(Jessie riceve un messaggio da Bill walker)

Proiezione chat Bill walker 3

Proiezione chat bill walker 4

Bill Walker: Did I do anything wrong?

Bill Walker: Emoticon

Jessie: Yes, because you always write me in wrong moments and, my dear, I've more important things to do I have bigger fish to fry


Jack: Emoticon 27

Jessie: Emoticon 15

Jack: Emoticon 29

Jessie: Emoticon 30

Jack: hallo C1

Jessie: hallo, do we know each other? C2

Jack: No, I think we don't! Is that a problem? C3

Jessie: No it isn't C4

Jack: Finally the 1505th friend C5

Jessie: Oh my God. You have only 1505 friends? I've got 4828 plus 72 ( and ) I've run out of my profile C6

Jack: To tell you the truth I had many more but I did some cleanup C7

Jack: To Emoticon 17

Jessie: Emoticon 20

Jack: Gr8 ( great) . What are you doing now? C8

Jessie: I'm getting bored too much. I must go to a party but

I'm not sure because there are a lot of losers C9

Jack Emoticon 13

Jack: Can I make you a question? C10

Jessie: Tell me C11

Jack: Are you engaged? C12

Jessie: don't you have another one? C13

Jack: about what? C14

Jack: Emoticon 4

Jessie: Question C15

Jack: oh yes, sorry C16

Jack: Emoticon 24

Jessie: Emoticon 17

Jack: : Well, no, the problem is that looking at your profile you are really..... C17

Jack: Emoticon5

Jessie: Oh thanks C18

Jessie : Emoticon7

Jessie: I could say I'm not engaged, I haven't got a boyfriend C19

Musica Bombastic

Jessie: Jack....Jack.....C20

Jessie: Emoticon 3

Jessie: Emoticon 9

Jack: I'm here C21

Jessie: Have you already made the daily selfie ? C22

Jack: No, why? Do you make a selfie a day? C23

Jessie: yes, at least three C24

Jack: Really? C25

Jessie: yes....let's have a competition in order to know who will have more likes ! C26

Jack: Ok C27

Jessie: : I have to leave you now! C28

Jack: No, come on C29

Jessie: : Bye C30

Jack: : No C31

Jessie: Yes C32

Jack: No, she's going away....... I'll answer you no more C33

Jessie: bye bye C34

Jack: Emoticon 16


Proiezione foto party di Kelly

Jessie: Oh well, everyone is here...but wait,wait, Tom isn't here and above all Deborah; I knew it. I hate her.... Bitch……..she is a bad girl ,………….. I'll block her on Fb

Suono tasto singolo

Proiezione video chiamata Grandma

Grandma: Hello Jessie. It's you there? Hei Jessie

Jessie: Granny. How long have you had whatup?

Grandma: I don't know how to use it. You have to show me?

Jessie: yes,sure granny. But not now. I am studying.

Grandma: I sent you my fb friend request. Why didn't you accept it?

Jessie: : are you on fb, too?!!!!

Grandma: Yes,I am and I posted your photos as a child....you were so sweety.

Jessie: No granny I was very ugly then. I pray you,take them off (from fb superfluo)

Grandma:: I can't I still have 10 likes.

Jessie: ok…… ok see you soon bye .

Proiezione chat 1 kelly Williams

Proiezione chat 2 Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams: Why didn't you come to the party? It was gr8

Kelly Williams: Emoticon

Jessie: Why haven't I gone to the party? simple, because if I meet the whorey Debora I'll change her hair color because I'm so pissed off…….And now selfie time

Proiezione video Selfie lei

Jessie: Sometimes we fight like cats and dogs

But here we are giving it our all

So many years in the making, but then forsaking, and forgetting

Even for a moment, I am not betting on our demise

I can see the future in your eyes

I see the presence, ironic surprise

When you go counter and I clockwise

Thru the world’s pain and all the lies

We will grow a garden every time

And if I harden, will you remind

Me of the softness, I had in my prime

If I seek will you help me find, and when I freak won’t you be kind

Know there's sometimes demons in the mind

What can I say, it's hard being an interdimensional bride

I’m the Venus your Mars

I’m the healing for your scars

I’m the nighttime for your stars

You don’t have to look so far

Watering the family tree

Ever after happily

If the Earth falls to the sea

In your arms is where I’ll be


Proiezione video chiamata Chriss

Chriss: Jack

Jack: Chriss, ( piccolissima pausa ) tell me

Chriss: Fuck, I sent you a video and you didn't shit me; you are online and you aren't answering my messages and whatsapp

Jack. here....I’m I was very busy

Chriss: Are you playing GTA?

Jack: I'm courting a girl but I can say you nothing more. I‘m sorry.

Chriss: ah, yes

Chriss: Her name?

Jack: Sorry……Top secret

Proiezione chat Steven Thompson 1

Steven Thompson: It seems to me that Freddie is with his dog per Jack

Jack: I don’t care cause now it’s my Selfie time

(Jack si prepara per il suo selfie)

Proiezione video Selfie lui

When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly

I pimp to the beat,

Walking on the street with in my new lafreak, yeah

This is how I roll, animal print, pants out control,

It's redfoo with the big Afro

It's like Bruce Lee rock at the club

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

I work out

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

I work out

When I walk in the spot, this is what I see

Everybody stops and they staring at me

I got passion in my pants

And I ain't afraid to show it (show it, show it, show it)

I'm sexy and I know it

I'm sexy and I know it


(Jessie prova a chattare con Jack ma lui non risponde. Canta la Social Song)

Proiezione emoticon


Jessie: 17

Jessie: 22

Jessie: 10


Proiezione chat 1 Samantha davis

Proiezione chat 2 Samanta davis

Samanta Davis: Do you think Steven betrays me with girl named Jessie ?

Samanta Davis: Emoticon

Jack: Don't worry my dear because I 've been skilled to steal him the loot but I could never write you such a thing


Jessie I would like to know why he  does not answer, and yet he was on line just three minutes ago.

Musica social Song

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook too

I feel I'm getting closer to you

we used to be strangers but now that's not true

because I read and hear all about you

It does not matter if you don't reply

I know we're friends now, that's no lie

You always say good morning, hello and bye

I know where you go, how you feel, and why.

Proiezione video gara Fb 2


Proiezione video Oh my lord

Oh my Lord ,Oh my Lord Oh mylord


Jack: Hey Jessie were you looking for me?CC1

Suono knocking

Jessie: Yes Jack but I have to leave you just a moment CC2

Jack: What ? CC3

Jessie: Somebody is knocking at door CC4

Jack: Don’t open maybe is a thief CC5

Jessie :I think it’s the police as they are knocking. CC6

(Jessie va ad aprire la porta ma nel frattempo riceve anche una chiamata dalla stessa persona che sta bussando. E’ l’amica Deborah che si scatena )

Musica You blocked me on fb

(Guardando il telfono)

Jessie : Fuck………..No Deborah is here Deborah ( Dopo aver ricevuto uno schiaffo ) Oh god she hurts me


Proiezione chat Chriss Smith 4

Proiezione Chat Chriss Smith 5

Chriss Smith: Jack, tell me the name of the girl you are courting

Chriss Smith: Emoticon

Proiezione chat Jack Emoticon 28

Jack: I never tell you that otherwise you will act like when I showed you where the girl I liked was living; you rent a room in the same building to meet her


Proiezione chat 3

Jack: Is everything ok ? CCC1

Jessie: Yes every thing ok she hurt me;CCC2

Jack: But who was at the door? ? CC3

Jessie: My neighbour CCC4

Jack : Do you know Quizz app CCC5

Jessie: What is it? like Pokemon? CCC6

Jack: No ,no. It's a very cool new app CCC7

Jessie: Is it a game? CCC8

Jack: would you like to have a game? ( CCC9

Jessie: Yes CCC10

Jack : Ok let's have a game and know who will be the winner CCC11

(Jessie e Jack giocano con l’app insieme al pubblico)


Proiezione video Finale

Jack: Hello

Jessie: Hello

Jack: How are you?

Jessie: I’m ok

Jack: Where are you?

Jessie: I'm here in the train. I'm close to you

Jack: I'm on the bus. I'm coming

Jessie: Finally it's time to meet you. That's only for a while and we'll meet

Jessie: : Yea

Jack: Are you excited?

Jessie: : A bit

Jack: And if then.....?

Jessie: : then what?

Jack: No nothing. It doesn't matter

Jessie: :How many clouds in the sky. I'm just getting out of the underground.

Jack: Please when you arrive send me your position.

Jessie: : Ok

Jack: everything is so strange

Jessie: : here I am.

Jack: I can see you

Jessie: I'm only a few steps away from you. take a seat

Jack: I've just sat down

Jessie: What a beautiful place it is

Jack: can I ask you a thing?

Jessie: Tell me

Jack: Would you like to be my girlfriend?

Jessie: yes ,I would but you have to change your relationship on your fb profile

Jack: that's to say?

Jessie: my darling; you aren't single. ( piccola pausa )no more. Now…………. you are engaged.

Jack: Ciao

( Batteria si scarica, follia, )

(Jack arriva in scena con una candela che appoggerà sul tavolo alla sua sinistra. Si siede, caccia dalla tasca una busta e l’appoggia sul tavolo, la guarda e ne tira fuori il foglio bianco. Sfila dalla sua tasca una penna ed inizia a scrivere)

Jack: Dear Jessie , I hope you can feel what I am living now. You have spent so much time publishing our own wrong profiles, but the truth is that we don't know each other at all…..

Well you only need the light when its burning low

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

Only know you love her when you let her go

Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low

Only hate the road when you’re missing home

Only know you love her when you let her go

And you let her go

And I will never let you go

Cause I love you

Your Jack


Do you think technology could replace a human contact?

As soon as you can, please, switch off all your device and breath the world starting from the air around you.

Raise your head, look at the sky and realize that the clouds flow alone, without dialing or opening an app.

The most beautiful emotions are the ones you can touch with your hands.

The real brain plays are the ones you can create by yourself.

The very true laughing comes from face to face and not from facebook.

The deepest love blooms looking at into each other ' s eyes.

Remember that there will never be a digital tool that will be able to give you the taste of the kiss you have always dreamt.


Dos and Don'ts when using social networks

Don't publish info that identifies you.

Choose sensible, strong, hard - to - guess password.

Don't upload inappropriate pictures.

Know the privacy settings

Stop and think before you click.

Don't mix wall posts and personal messages.

The end