Course Information

Special Features

Courses Conducted in small groups and clearly defined levels.

Additional classes in pronunciation, grammar, reading, and/or writing are also available for students wishing to supplement their regular course work.

Study Resources and Related Facilities

  • Library
  • Media Resources Center
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Digitalized Chinese Self-learning Lab
  • Free Tutoring Sessions
  • Free Lectures

Center Activities

Extracurricular activities include New Year Gala, Dragon Boat Race, speech contests, sports fair, school fair, and field trips.


Scholarships are awarded in accordance with the regulations of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Chinese Teachers' Training Program

This program trains both CLC teachers and students aspiring to teach Chinese abroad. Applicants must be university graduates and pass an exit test. A certificate of completion will then be awarded. Outstanding students may be hired as future CLC teachers.

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