16th MIRAI Conference

The 16th MIRAI Conference on

Microfabrication and Green Technology

(16th MIRAI, 2023)

Takasaki, Japan/ 18 August, 2023


MIRAI (Manufacturing Institute for Research on Advanced Initiatives) was established to promote collaborative research and education on topics of significant importance to manufacturing by the leadership of UCB. Started in 2006, MIRAI was designed to raise the visibility of manufacturing and manufacturing research, to stimulate an efficient research environment for manufacturing technology, and to attract outstanding engineers by employing various educational programs. MIRAI Conference has started in 2007 as an expanded Microfabrication Symposium associated with KITECH which has collaborative relationship with research organizations such as RIKEN and AIST, and universities. Since then, MIRAI has been extended to a global network, of which attendees are from Japan, Korea, US, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Czech, and Germany with recent focus on microfabrication, sustainable and green manufacturing.

The next MIRAI Conference will be held in Takasaki, Japan on 18 August, 2023. The following MIRAI Conferences have been held in the last 15 years;


The 1st MIRAI: 2007 at UC Berkeley

The 2nd MIRAI: 2008 at MIRDC

The 3rd MIRAI: 2009 at KITECH

The 4th MIRAI: 2010 at Tianjin

The 5th MIRAI: 2011 at RIKEN

The 6th MIRAI: 2012 at LBNL

The 7th MIRAI: 2014 in Itabashi

The 8th MIRAI: 2015 at MIRDC

The 9th MIRAI: 2016 in Macau

The 10th MIRAI: 2017 in Gyeongju

The 11th MIRAI: 2018 in Sapporo

The 12th MIRAI: 2019 in Fukuoka

The 13th MIRAI: 2020 in Morioka

The 14th MIRAI: 2021 in Utsunomiya

The 15th MIRAI: 2022 in Sanjo

The 16th MIRAI: 2023 in Takasaki