16 Insightful Questions That a Landlord Should Ask Their Prospective Tenants


Including a general information questionnaire for tenants during their application process proves vital since it gives more insight on the status of the resident just before they occupy the premises.

In this case, there are 16 Insightful Questions that Landlords Should ask their prospective tenants

1. How Long Do you wish to live here?

As a landlord, you need assurance that your tenant will be living for a long duration because you will be incurring turnovers and non-occupancy related problems.

2. What Pets Do you Keep?

Asking such a question may require a lot of interpretation from your side since honesty is required.

3. Have you been filed for an eviction notice before?

Answering this question will enable you to know whether the tenant is irresponsible or not.

4. How many felonies have you committed?

When administering this question, you will be able to test the level honesty in the tenants; hence checking at the tenants' background information will justify their suitability.

5. Did you ever break any lease?

The question once again tests honesty and in this regard, tracking its truth will prove easier since you can refer to their earlier landlord for some truth.

6. Do you smoke?

It is always a critical question since, as a landlord, you will only consider tenants who didn't smoke. However much it seems harsh, it is vital to consider the health of other tenants within the premises.

7. How many vehicles do you own?

It is proper to ascertain the number of vehicles that the tenant owns since nobody wishes to be in the situation where all your four vehicles occupy the yard leaving no space for other tenants to operate.

8. Is the total move-in amount available?

The question simply seeks to know the financial capability of the tenant, and a good answer from here gives an indication of a responsible client.

9. When would you like to move in?

This question requires you to be very keen especially for answers such as ASAP or even today. Such tenants may need more time for screening.

10. How did you hear about this home?

This question aids you to track the efficiency of your channel of marketing and to know which one works best.

11. What are the reasons that may hinder you from paying your rent on time?

The question needs to be very attentive to any causative reasons for the question. Answers such as death will prove that the tenant is financially responsible.

12. Do you have savings and checking accounts?

A tenant who lacks a bank account is a sign of irresponsibility and such must be subjected to through screening.

13. What is the balance in your bank account?

It may be private but checking the suitability of the tenant's occupancy must show financial capability. Having $20 in their account just means something is amiss.

14. What is your emergency contact number?

There are many instances where tenants have deliberately or not cut off communication and having emergency numbers will track their responsibility. In this case, you need to know the bearers of this contact.

15. Why should we rent you?

The question gives the tenant the opportunity to tell you why he requires occupancy at your premises. Look out for his track records and solid reasons.

16. Is there any additional information worth knowing?

This section can give more insight on why the tenant can be suitable for occupancy. Not answering this question is a sign of contentment.