Keep 1388 Bancroft Zoning Compliant

The Planning Commission will continue its review of this project on December 14th, 7:00pm at City Hall.

This graphic captures some of the major issues:

City Staff is recommending to deny the rezoning request. Click here for our analysis of the Staff report and to see the full report.

This website is dedicated to advocating the development 1388 Bancroft Ave. , San Leandro, California complies with the City's zoning code.

1388 Bancroft consists currently of two commercial office buildings at the intersection of Bancroft and Estudillo Avenues and is across from Bancroft Middle School and is also known as 1300 and 1380 Bancroft; see in Google Maps.

This website was created by a community outreach group led by the owners of the properties adjoining 1388 Bancroft, Evan and Debbie Adams on Estudillo Ave, and Dave Ruedi and Lindsay White on Joaquin Ave. Please join and support San Leandro neighbors committed to zoning-compliant development at the corner of Bancroft and Estudillo Avenues.

If you agree with the goal of keeping 1388 Bancroft zoning compliant, here's how to make your voice heard.

Current Zoning

1388 Bancroft is currently zoned P (for Professional Offices) and is 1.26 acres.

In 2016, the San Leandro City Council changed the City’s Zoning Code to allow housing on property designated as P. Any residential development on P-zoned property, however, is limited to the following constraints:

      • Max of 24 units per acre (31 units for 1.26 acres)
      • Max height of 30'
      • Max lot coverage of 50%

Current Proposal (2017)

The developer has submitted to the City a plan for the construction of a large-scale apartment complex at 1388 Bancroft consisting of:

      • 73 units
      • 50' structure
      • 146 parking spots
      • 63% lot coverage

These are far in excess of the P requirements! A 50' structure will tower over Bancroft Middle School.

The proposal is for 146 parking spots (code says it should be 165!), but there isn't enough space for 146 parking spots so the proposal has 64 car stackers. Yes, that's a device that hoists one car up so a second car can park beneath it. Twelve of the car stackers will be against the fence to the neighboring houses with a proposal for an 8' fence with a 5' trellis on top (13' total height) to block the view. That's also a zoning violation.

From the car-stacker manufacturer:

Background: 2016 Proposal and Zoning-code Change

In 2016, the City proposed a DA-2 zoning change that would increase the allowable density in the downtown area. 1388 Bancroft was included in this proposal and the developer submitted plans for:

      • 51 units
      • 50' structure
      • 76 parking spots

Like the current proposal, these were far in excess of the P requirements and, it too, towered over Bancroft Middle School.

The proposal generated outrage from San Leandrans, primarily based on the sheer massiveness of the structure and traffic concerns. Ultimately, the staff, with the approval of the City Council, removed 1388 Bancroft from the DA-2 zoning area. 1388 Bancroft remained P or Professional Office space property.

However, at the same time, the City Council changed the definition of P zoning to permit housing on these properties. The number of residences and height of any building on P-zoned property are restricted as described above.

What's Been Happening

As noted, 1388 Bancroft is currently zoned P. The developer wants it rezoned to DA-3 to allow for a 73-unit apartment complex.

In May 2017, City staff sent the developer a letter outlining the multiple areas in which the proposed development failed to comply with San Leandro’s Zoning Code. Staff “strongly encourage[d]” the developer to reconsider the proposal. Here's a summary of the letter and the actual letter.

In July, 2017, the developer responded to the City staff and chose not to accept their recommendation. He has moved forwarded without addressing staff’s numerous objections. You can read the developer’s response here and here.

In August, 2017, City staff reiterated their intent to recommend the project be denied. Read staff’s response.

What's Happening Now

The San Leandro Planning Commission will continue its review the project on Thursday, December 14, 2017, at 7 p.m. at San Leandro City Hall.

Even if the Planning Commission rejects the developer’s proposal, the developer can appeal to the City Council and seek its approval of the project.

This is why it is vital that we, as a community, organize ourselves to oppose the non-compliant 1388 Bancroft proposal.

Please come to the upcoming December 14th Planning Commission meeting.

Upcoming Events

Dec 14th, 7:00pm, Planning Commission Meeting

The San Leandro Planning Commission will continue the review the project on Thursday, December 12, 2017, at 7 p.m. at San Leandro City Hall. It is vital that we attend the meeting and speak out against the project.

Subsidizing the Developer

The current proposal is for 73 units with an expected rental of $4,000/month. Simple math shows this generates $3.5M/year in revenue. Meanwhile, the property values of surrounding neighborhoods will be devalued, traffic and parking will be worsened and the proposed structure will dwarf over its neighbors, including Bancroft Middle School.

The neighborhood pays while the developer profits.

Please click on our Call To Action page.

Keep 1388 Bancroft Zoning Compliant -- Evan Adams, Dave Ruedi