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1337x is easily accessible through proxies and mirrors. All you need to know is the working and correct URLs below.

These 1337x proxies / mirrors are hosted in countries where 1337x torrenting is not yet blocked. In this way, if you cannot access 1337x directly through the 1337x 2022 proxy sites, you will always have access to your favorite 1337x torrent site.

About 1337x

1337x was started in 2007. But, due to the hacking issue, 1337x has been banned in many countries and can only be accessed through 1337x proxy and mirror sites. The latest movies, new TV shows, PDFs for e-books and laptop video games, Xbox games or apps are available for free download at 1337x. Millions of people use the 1337x website every day to download files.

1337x offers quick updates depending on your internet connection speed. Very common, millions of torrents, assisted magnetic links, and basic navigation are the most important characteristics of aliens. You should have a torrent client like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc. to download from 1337x.

Many countries block torrent sites, as you know. Torrent site is difficult to access through direct links because 1337x has been blocked by several countries around the world. Internet users searched alternative websites and websites for 1337x proxy mirrors to easily find 1337x unlocked content.

Best 1337x Alternatives

Besides 1337x, there are several reliable torrent websites, which can be widely used to download TV series and websites. In no specific order, there are some of the best 1337x alternatives and similar sites available that are worth checking out.

How to download torrents from 1337x

Follow the steps below to download movies securely using 1337x.

Step 1: Activate the VPN or TOR on your computer.

Step 2: Click on one of the 1337x proxy / mirror sites above.

Step 3: This will take you to the home page. You can see list of the latest torrents with category.

Step 4: Choose category. Check for seeds, leeches, and health before downloading a torrent file.

Step 5: Now open the torrent file or Magnet link with a torrent client like µTorrent and wait for the download.

How does a proxy site work?

Proxy sites act as an intermediary server between your network and the site you are trying to access (1337x torrents in this case). The proxy site allows you to access a website indirectly so that the website cannot see your IP address. It will also appear that you are only connecting to the proxy, not the final website.

Proxy sites can prevent the destination website from tracking you with your IP address.

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