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Circuit Committee - Volunteer Advisory Committee VAC

Sarasota County Judicial Center

Judge Curley

Safe Children's Coalition

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office

Find Someone in Sarasota Co. Jail

Sarasota County Clerk

Sarasota County Schools

Sarasota County School Calendar

Sarasota County Health Dept.

Sarasota Coalition on Substance Abuse SCOSA

First Step

Childcare Connection

United Way 211 of Sarasota

Manatee Links

Manatee County Judicial Center

Judge Dees

Safe Children's Coalition

Manatee County Sheriff's Office website

Find Someone in Manatee Co. Jail

Manatee County Clerk

Manatee County Schools

Manatee County School Calendar

Manatee County Health Dept

Manatee Resource Sheet

Early Learning Coalition (Manatee)

United Way 211 of Manatee

DeSoto Links

DeSoto County Courthouse

Judge Bonner

Safe Children's Coalition

DeSoto County Sheriff's Office

DeSoto County Schools

DeSoto County School Calendar

DeSoto County Health Dept.

DeSoto County Clerk

"Hand of Angels" Advocate Group

United Way 211 of Desoto

First Step

Other Links

DCF Home Page & Access Links

DCF Program Links

Access Central Page

SPARCC Safe Place And Rape Crisis Center

12th Judicial Circuit

Center for Child Welfare

Center for Child Welfare Sexual Abuse training Video Part 1 & 2

12th Circuit Admin. Order 2008-12.3 Limits on Interviews with Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Chapter 39 - Guardian Ad Litem

State Guardian Ad Litem Website

Dependency Court Info Video

Why a child should attend Dependency Court Video

How to create a Google Gmail Account

Google Voice Info

GAL Resource Center

FL Sexual Offenders & Predators

National CASA website

Children's Guardian Fund Closet

CGF Birthday Requests

CGF Other Requests

Florida Department of Corrections

Tampa Bay Mugshots

GAL Program Standards of Operation 7/2015

Health & Drug Links

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American Psychiatric Association and American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

National Institute of Health Pubmed Clinical Queries

Food& Drug Administration Drug Safety

National Institute of Health Medline Plus (Drug Info)

CVS - Click Drug Information Center

Psychotropic Medications

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