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As DVD and Blu-ray sales continue to decline, the age of video 123Movies websites has begun. With a fast internet connection and smart TVs, almost every household is able to stream movies and series spontaneously and in good quality. Numerous streaming services are trying to win new customers and keep existing customers, because the competition on the streaming market is increasing. Anyone who wants to choose a 123Movies website is faced with the difficult decision of finding the perfect service for their own needs.

Subscribing to all of the available services might sound great, but it shouldn't be financially feasible for most users. In addition, the growing selection can also become a torture if you simply can no longer decide. Very few film and series fans have more than three 123Movies subscriptions, and choosing the right service should be carefully considered. In addition to the offer, attention must also be paid to the 123Movies quality, the monthly costs and the availability of apps.

Streaming consultant: which service is right for you?

Although all streaming services have their own advantages and disadvantages, the best service in our test is not automatically the perfect streaming provider for you. In addition to the size of the offer and the quality of the content, the priorities that some providers place when designing their offer are also decisive. If you want to buy a 123Movies website mainly to keep your children busy, Disney + is even superior to heavyweights like 123Movies or 123Movies Video. If you stream the whole family, you'll be well taken care of when you subscribe to 123 Movies for the adults and Disney + for the kids. Online shoppers who frequently order from 123Movies may already have a 123 Movies account and therefore prefer 123 Movies Video to 123Movies. Even with film fans, 123Movies often has the edge,

There are no wrong choices when it comes to 123Movies. Even smaller streaming services such as Apple TV + attract with interesting productions and are aimed specifically at a certain clientele. Whether you opt for a permanent subscription or prefer to switch between the services month by month is of course up to you. In this comparison (and the corresponding test reports) you will definitely find all the information you need for your decision!

For our test, we scrutinized all aspects of streaming services. A wide range or particularly current publications are nice and important, but only half the battle if the image quality is not convincing or the price is simply too high. A well-rounded overall package is therefore crucial here.

123Movies: You need that to stream

Regardless of the different technical possibilities of the streaming services, a fast internet connection is important to avoid frustration when 123Movies. Alternatively, many services also offer a download function for mobile devices, through which content can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet.

You can bring 123Movies content to your television either by installing the respective app or, if you don't have a smart TV, by buying a 123Movies stick such as Google Chromecast or Apple TV. In our comparison test of streaming sticks you can find out everything about resolutions, images per second and supported providers. Alternatively, in our article " Make old TVs or monitors smart: How to get apps on the screen ", we will show you further options for upgrading your television to a smart TV.

If you have a modern 4K television, you should also pay attention to the availability of high-resolution content when making your purchase decision. Thanks to HDR, content with rich colors can also be found in the film libraries. The already mentioned fast internet connection really shines with 4K streaming. For example, 123Movies recommends a connection with at least 25 megabits per second for streaming in "Ultra HD". You can easily check how fast your internet connection is on netzwelt with our DSL speed test.

Your private home theater meets the requirements for the first 123Movies evening? Then you can find out more about the best 123Movies website in our eyes in the following lines.

The undisputed king on the throne and ruler of series and movies: 123Movies. If the movies you ordered were previously sent to you by post from 123Movies, thanks to broadband internet they will now start on your television within seconds. The servers of the US provider offer enough capacity for rainy Sundays and failures occur very rarely. If you prefer to hear your favorite actors in the original soundtrack, you can change the language with just a few clicks.

In addition to the increasing number of high-quality in-house productions, you will find Oscar-winning movies and high-profile series such as " Stranger Things ", " Better Call Saul " or " House of Money " on 123 Movies. All of this awaits you in low resolution for just under 8 dollars, Full HD resolution is available from 12 dollars and you can stream in 4K for 16 dollars. Many movies are also available for download, so you can feed the 123 Movies apps for iOS and Android with content for long train journeys.

Disney + & 123Movies - The best alternatives

Disney + and 123Movies are in second and third place in our ranking. Disney + convinces with a competitive price, because for 6.99 dollars a month or 69 dollars a year you get access to numerous movies and series from the world of Disney. While licenses sold at an earlier point in time can ensure that some titles are only added to the offer later or disappear again for a short time, the Disney Plus offer remains largely constant. Older viewers can look forward to titles from their childhood, while younger audiences can look forward to top-class in-house productions like " The Mandalorian ".

If you have an 123Movies subscription, you can basically access the provider's entire streaming offer. However, not all content is free. Some movies and series have to be bought or rented by users in order to watch them as they are not included in the 123 Movies offer.

However, those who only rarely and occasionally use video streaming can purchase individual movies or episodes of a series regardless of a subscription. Another option is the so-called season pass, through which the entire season of a series can be purchased. Episodes of the purchased season that have not yet appeared are then automatically available after their publication.

Useful additional functions on smartphones and tablets

Many commuters now stream series and movies on their smartphone or tablet while on the move. The high data consumption as an undesirable side effect of mobile use can be bypassed with the download function of the mobile 123 Movies Video app. You can even download entire seasons of a series with one click. If you do not want to commit to certain content in advance, you can lower the bit rate and thus the data consumption under Settings> Streaming and Download.

Another useful function for mobile use is the picture-in-picture function, through which the streamed video content is shown reduced in size in one of the corners of the display, while other applications, such as a navigation app, can also be used.

Bookable: 123 Movies Video Channels

A unique selling point of 123Movies is the ability to book so-called 123Movies Video channels. These are usually pay TV channels that can be streamed live. 123Movies is trying to offer VoD and linear television from a single source. The drawback: Subscribing to channels requires an existing 123Movies membership. So even if you are only interested in the live streams of certain stations and not in the VoD content, you are forced to pay for the latter as well.

Use in non-EU countries

In contrast to competitors such as 123 Movies, 123 Movies Video does not offer 123Movies websites from the country of residence when you are abroad, but from your home country. The full "home offer" should not be expected here either, rather it is an offer that has been slimmed down for licensing reasons.

Terms and termination

123Movies - and consequently also 123Movies - is available as an annual or monthly subscription. Those who opt for the more inflexible annual variant will save almost 27 dollars a year. The monthly subscription can still be a good choice for occasional users.

Regardless of the chosen term, the membership is automatically extended until the customer actively terminates. The termination can easily be done by clicking in the account settings, there is no deadline.

You can also set the account settings so that a reminder is sent to the customer by email three days before the next automatic renewal.

123Movies: Free trial

New customers can test 123Movies or 123Movies (Video) free of charge for 30 days. Please note, however, that the test phase automatically changes to a regular subscription if you do not cancel before the end of the test days. This also explains why a payment method must be specified.

Former customers may also benefit from a free test phase as part of customer recovery campaigns. In contrast to new customers, however, this group of users must hope to be explicitly invited by 123Movies. Former customers report that they receive an invitation about once a year.

Free, ad-supported, fee-based - the restrictions

On the portals for free 123Movies presented by us, fans of movies, series and documentaries will sometimes find a very extensive range. However, the term "free of charge" has to be explained. The portals are free in the sense that no registration is required and no money has to be paid to watch the movies.

Of course, the content providers have nothing to give away in the long run. The free services are therefore usually financed by advertisements before or during the film, after a break or when fast-forwarding and rewinding. A particular case is the media libraries of public television: Its offer is mainly about the broadcast contribution funded, to pay the every household - regardless of whether the media libraries are used or not. This is the only way that broadcasters can make their content available online without payment.

Anyone using a free 123Movies website must expect other restrictions in addition to advertising: A film or series that was still available on the portal today may have disappeared tomorrow. In addition, the latest blockbusters are almost never shown on free portals. Often there are also movies or series that were not particularly successful commercially. Fans of B-movies in particular will certainly enjoy the free portals.

Another special case is the Internet archive, which collects old movies that have either been actively placed under a free license by the rights holders or that are viewed by the Internet archive as a public domain (i.e. free of copyrights).

Library and geoblocking restrictions

The media libraries of the public television broadcasters used to offer numerous programs for viewing just one week after the original broadcast date. This rigid rule is increasingly perceived by the fee payers as incomprehensible paternalism. Many media libraries not only offer their content for longer, but sometimes even before the official broadcast date.

Another annoyance is geoblocking, i.e. the fact that content from media libraries and free streaming services is often only available in one country or region, but not when traveling abroad, for example. However, the EU has restricted geo-blocking. Outside the EU, geo-blocking can theoretically be circumvented by a proxy server, a VPN or anonymization services, which the providers usually prohibit in the terms and conditions.

Why not just relax on the sofa in the evening and watch a good movie? Or dig in the whole weekend and watch a gripping series episode by episode. With the right streaming provider, you can get thousands of movies and series on your screen as long as the internet connection works. The selection ranges from blockbusters to exclusive in-house productions to live sports events.

How can I stream movies?

With streaming you can watch videos straight from the Internet. The movies and series stream (English: to stream) almost directly from the network to your screen. With a monthly subscription you can choose from an online video library with more or less well-stocked virtual shelves.

The choice is growing: From 123 Movies to 123Movies to Disney, more and more providers are trying their hand at 123Movies websites. Their film flat rates are now a real alternative to traditional satellite or cable television. Choosing the right provider is becoming more and more difficult. We help with an overview of the most important 123Movies websites.

If the internet breaks down, it will be the evening entertainment

A stable internet connection with a download rate of 7 Mbit / s is sufficient to be able to watch the movies in good HD resolution. Nowadays all DSL and cable tariffs can do that. For the even better 4K image resolution, movie buffs need a download speed of 25 Mbit / s upwards. A film on the go on the smartphone also uses up the data volume. If the mobile phone is not connected to the WiFi, you should turn down the image quality manually in the app settings.

Most 123Movies websites also allow you to download the movies and series and play them later without an Internet connection. A blessing to fight the boredom on long train journeys or to keep the children quiet while driving. But be careful: the more videos you save in high quality on a device, the more storage space you block. So don't collect too many movies on your smartphone until you finally get around to watching them too.

Streaming works with older TV sets too

You can stream on your smart TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop and PC. Simply download the provider's app, register and start streaming. With older televisions you often need an additional streaming device, for example the Chromecast from Google, the Fire Stick from 123Movies or the Magenta TV Stick from Telekom. The 123Movies devices cost between 40 and 50 dollars.

Which 123Movies website is best for me?

123Movies websites especially get their money's worth. At 123Movies, for example, there are currently around 4,300 movies and series available. 123Movies offers more than 8,100 titles. It takes a while to look through the media library. And the range is growing and changing constantly. With the right streaming site, sports fans never miss a game from their favorite club.

Which streaming service is right for you largely depends on your television preferences. Series junkies are better off with another streaming provider than moviegoers. Are the latest blockbusters important to you or do you prefer an extensive range for the whole family?

To make your choice a little easier, we give you an overview of the most important 123Movies websites with a cross-genre range. We describe the individual providers in more detail below.