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For HP printer setup, install and download HP Printer Driver Software. Before using a 123.hp.com/setup scanner to scan documents into your devices, you must first install the printer scanner driver so that your printer scanner and devices can communicate. Begin by connecting the printer setup scanner to your USB - enabled devices.

How to Download the HP Printer Software from 123.hp.com/setup?

Download and install HP printer software to complete the Printer setup. If you are ready to begin the software download, here is the article to read. Complete the software installation to proceed with the Printer setup

We suggest choosing the compatible, easy methods available. You may come across errors while downloading the Printer driver. It’s recommended to execute the appropriate troubleshooting guidelines to get rid of the error code

Check out the compatible methods to download HP printer software

To begin the software download, we suggest the methods available

  • You can either go to the software download page or use the Software CD provided with the package

  • Tools such as HP easy start can also be used to update or install HP printer drivers

  • If you are a Windows user, the driver update settings will appear if you visit the Device Manager

What are the Compatible Software Packages Available to Use with HP?


  • HP printer software packages include Printer drivers, Printer management software, Software utility tool, HP universal Printer driver, and much more

  • · The software version differ and depend on the device model used

How to Download HP Printer Software from HP Website?

If you are ready to download HP printer software from websites, follow the instructions below

  • To download HP printer software from websites, turn ON your Printer, Computer

  • If your Printer is brand new, complete the setup

  • Establish the network connection

  • To activate the network, use WPS or Wireless setup wizard

o To find Wireless setup wizard settings, go to the device control panel

o Answer the Wireless setup Wizard instructions one by one

o Choose the network from the list that appear on your device display screen

o Then enter the wireless network SSID and Password

Execute the onscreen guidelines to activate the network connection

If you Prefer Using the WPS Method -Follow the Steps

To establish the network using WPS method, you can follow the steps below

  • Check if your Printer, Router is WPS enabled

  • If yes, press and hold the Wireless icon on your Printer and WPS icon on your Router

  • The wireless light will turn on

  • Select the option, WPS pin

  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to generate WPS pin

  • Finally, you can access the Router configuration utility tool to enter the Pin

  • Ensure to provide the valid Pin

  • If the WPS push button method is your choice, select the settings and go forward with the on-screen guidelines to establish the network connection

Note - The latest Printer models arrive with auto wireless connect feature to establish the network automatically

  • Once if the network is active, go to the software download page

  • Click on the software download tab

  • Enter the Printer Name or Version

  • Then wait for the driver search results to appear on your device display screen

  • After selecting the software, use the icon, Download and move the setup file to the required folder

  • Tap on the setup file

  • Then follow the on-screen commands to complete the software download process

  • Now select the appropriate settings from your Windows and Mac device to add HP printer

  1. Mac users can access the system preference settings and choose the option, Printers, and Scanners to select the printer to add

  2. Windows users can choose the option, Devices, and Printers. Choose the Printer. Then click on the icon, Add

  • Select the document to print

  • Then click on the Print icon to start Printing your documents at good speed and quality

How to Download HP Printer Software Using HP Easy Start Tool?

  • Download the tool from the HP customer support page

o Windows version7, 8, and 10 are compatible to install HP easy start

o If you are a Mac user, version Mac OS 10.5 to 10.14 can be used to install HP easy start

  • Access HP easy start tool

  • Choose the appropriate software download settings

  • The tool will automatically detect and update the latest Printer software

Now let us help you to get rid of HP printer driver download issues that pop up on your device display screen

How to Fix the HP Printer Driver Download Issues That Pop-Up On Your Device Screen?

If you are ready to fix HP printer driver download issues, follow the troubleshooting tips below. It’s hard to operate the device without fixing the error

  • Check the Printer driver compatibility before installation

  • If the driver is not compatible, uninstall the driver and install the matching software

  • Ensure to choose the appropriate HP printer software download portal. Do not visit third-party or unauthorized websites for software download

  • Connect your device to a secure network before software download. You can navigate to the device control panel to find the appropriate settings

  • Restart your Printer, Computer, and Router once. Then confirm if the error codes resolve. You can refer the device setup manual, quick start guide to find the reset settings

  • Check if the tools such as HP Print and Scan doctor can help to get rid of software download issues. You can install the software by visiting the appropriate software download page

  • Learn how to execute the software download steps before updating the software

  • Make sure that security software programs are installed on your computer to prevent the software or malware threat

  • Clear the network cache or browsing history if you are unable to load the software download portal

Get help to Download and Install HP Printer Driver, HP Printer Software and Fix Driver Download Issues

If you are expecting any help and support to update the HP printer driver, fix driver download issues, please contact our HP printer customer support team right away.