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As we keep going further in the future, people are becoming so dependent on the technologies that they can't see their life in the future without those technologies or gadgets like mobiles, internet, computers, printers and many more. In the modern Corporate world, printers play a vital role in home and offices as people need to print documents, charts-bar, or graphical representation for presentations, printing photographs, and many other printing needs.

How to Setup a Laser Printer in Windows

Getting or buying a printer is easy, as they usually come under an affordable price range. The place where most people need the help of an expert is when they have to set up the printer on their own. Are you having the same troubles as we earlier discussed, then keep reading, and you might find something interesting that might help you to resolve your query.

Step 1. Download The Printer Drivers

1. Visit 123.hp/laserjet and search the drivers as per the name and model number of your product.

2. Select your windows version and download the Printer Drivers.

Step 2. Check the connection and setup the Drivers

1. Turn on the printer and press the go button on the panel for a moment to obtain the IP address.

2. Open the .exe file that we previously downloaded and follow the instructions to preinstall driver files.

3. Cancel the setup when the "connect the USB cable" prompt pops up.

Step 3. Install the drivers on the Network

1. Open "Device and printer" and click on add a printer, then select "the printer isn't listed".

2. Follow the operation in the prompt to install the drivers.

3. Select "set as the default printer" and click on "print a test page" to check whether the setup is completed or not.

If the information mentioned above is not able to satisfy your needs then you can also go for expert help at 123.hp/laserjet, and any of your issues will be resolved in no time.

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Why does a person need a Laser Printer?

Usually, what people find challenging is which printer is best for them to buy? As most people are annoyed while working with a printer, but to keep the irritation to a minimum, we mainly recommend a laser printer, and below we are going to describe why a laser printer is the best printer for you.

The laser printer is easy to set up and use, and along with this, they produce amazing print results.

As most of the laser printers are priced a bit much more than the common inkjet printers but in the long run, a laser printer can overwhelm your expectations.

Laser printers are loved because of their elegant prints of crisp graphics and edgy texts.

They are more reliable than the inkjets, as they won't clog if not used for a long time.