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HP or Hewlett Packard Corporation is an international giant in the informational technology industry. Despite the fierce competition in the technology market, HP continues to be one of the best information technology companies. It offers a wide product portfolio ranging from notebooks, servers, personal computers, storage devices, scanners, printers, and digital cameras to various IT services. HP printers serve as the all-in-one solution for office or home use. All the HP printer users get to experience and enjoy its hi-tech features. However, new users often find it challenging to set up and use their printers. Therefore, we will give the step-wise guidelines that would help you set up your new HP printer on your Windows device via 123.hp.com.

Steps to Set up HP Printer via USB

Note: all the users can download the HP printer driver from 123.hp.com.

Step 1: Prepare system for Printer setup

All the users are suggested to check the below-mentioned system requirements and delete any previously installed printer versions from Windows to prepare for the USB connection setup and the driver installation.


  • Make sure the printer is switched on.

  • Take a USB cable that is less than 3 meters in length.

  • There should be a USB port on your computer.

  • Ensure no device is connected to your system, or follow the subsequent steps to disconnect any device.

  • You should disconnect the printer USB cable from the computer and avoid reconnecting it until it is prompted during the driver installation procedure.

  • Look for the “Devices” and click on the “Devices and Printers” control panel settings.

  • After this from the given printers, you should click on the icon of your printer model and then select the “Remove Device” option from the given list.

  • Then, you can close the Devices and Printers window and proceed with the next step.

Step- 2 Install HP driver via 123.hp.com and set up the connection

  • First of all, you have to visit 123.hp.com from your Windows computer or laptop and follow the subsequent instructions to download the driver successfully.

  • Depending on the model of your printer, the guided driver installation application HP Easy Start can download.

  • In case of a driver or HP Easy Start downloads, you should follow the instructions to open the file and to start the setup. Also, you should choose the connection type as USB when prompted. Moreover, you do not have to complete the remaining steps if the setup is successful.

  • In case the download fails, or you find that your printer is not listed on 123.hp.com, then you must visit the HP customer support section- Software and Driver Downloads and enter the asked details whenever required and follow the further instructions.

123.hp.com - Fix Printer Setup Problems

If your printer is having any hardware or software issues, you must try the below-mentioned quick-fixes. You can complete the basic troubleshooting steps in 123.hp.com:-

  • First of all, you should restart the printer and computer to refresh the settings.

  • Then, you should verify the connection between your devices and reset the connection system.

  • Switch off the printer and wait for a few minutes.

  • After this, you should connect the devices with the USB cable.

  • Note: if you find the cable damage, replace it.

Now, again set up your printer via 123.hp.com.


Q. How to connect the printer to Wi-Fi?

You can connect the HP printer to the Wi-Fi network through the Wireless Wizard or WPS button. For this, you might need specific software or driver that will enable a secure and safe wireless connection between your printer and Wi-Fi network.

Q. How to download HP printer drivers for Windows 7?

A. you can easily download the HP Printer Drivers for your Windows 7 PC from the CD/DVD that comes along with the printer or from the official HP website via 123.hp.com.

Q. What if the printer is not found or connected during the USB Setup?

All the users are suggested to follow the following tips and procedures to troubleshoot or avoid any USB connectivity issues.

  • Reset the printer and the computer

  • Try reconnecting the cable

  • Connect the USB cable to a different USB port

  • Disconnect any other USB devices from the computer

  • Try a different USB cable

Now, you can set up your HP printer by following the procedures we included in this blog. We have also discussed a few of the most frequently asked questions and some easy tips to troubleshoot some common problems.