Steps to Setup & Install HP Printer on


HP is a well-known brand that offers various technology solutions. This brand always lives up to customer’s expectations with its impressive offerings. Whether you look for an HP laptop or printing machine, you will always get plenty of choices with advanced features. Moreover, the HP printing machines do always comprise high-quality printing.

Additionally, the company has its unique official website which offers product details or info and provides you with the product’s setup and installation instructions, driver’s links, and other useful quick links. As a result, taking this website’s help, users can conveniently set up their HP printers. In addition to this, the website helps you perform various other activities too.

The users looking for their HP printer’s setup can quickly perform the same on Here is the entire process that simplifies your HP printer setup & installation.

HP Printer Setup Process Via

You can perfectly execute the HP printer’s setup via by following the guidelines we have given below. We have divided the complete process into two phases, one is to prepare your printer, and the other is installation.

Phase 1 – Prepare Your Printer

· Removal of Packaging

o First, you have to open the printer’s box.

o Then, put the HP printer out of the box.

o Next, you must place the printer on a safe and flat surface.

o Also, make sure that the surface is dry and free of moisture.

o After that, you have to get rid of all the packaging material from the printer.

o Next, you are recommended to pull out all tapes and stickers from the printer’s body and its control panel.

o Moreover, clear all the covering material or packaging stuff from the scanner Lid's inner sections.

o Furthermore, pull-off the packaging from cartridge access area.

o Remove the wrapping material from its tray too.

o You must also prepare the paper width guide by removing packaging stuff from it.

o Finally, check once again if you are done with the printer's packaging removal for its setup on

· Power Supplying

o After the process of unboxing the printer, you have to supply stable power to the printer.

o For this, plug the power cord’s one end into the printer and the other into the power socket.

o After that, switch on the power button of your printer and electrical socket.

o As a result, the printer’s power light will lit up.

· Printer Setup

o Now, for the setup of your printer on, go to the printer’s control panel.

o Select a preferred language and click on the 'continue' button.

o After that, select from country or region and hit the ‘continue’ button again.

o Next, you have to choose the 'date' and 'time.’

o For setup on, bring out the printer’s input tray.

o Slide the paper width guide for loading the sheets.

o After that, fit the paper edges into the tray.

o Simultaneously, open your printer’s ink cartridge.

o Now, the control panel will show a link to 'change ink' video.

o You can skip the same and continue with the setup process of HP printer on'

o Pull-off the ink cartridge and pull the orange tape away to protect the same.

o Now install the inks in respective slots and close the ink cartridge door after that.

The aforementioned instructions complete the HP printer’s setup. After these steps, you can proceed with the installation.

Phase 2 – Install Your Printer

· Launch an internet browser and search the website

· Here, you have to input the correct printer model number.

· As a result, the ‘download’ option appears on the page that loads on the screen.

·Tap the ‘download’ button to begin downloading the respective HP Printer Driver. You may have to wait for a little for the downloading to get complete.

·The moment the downloading completes from, proceed to install the drivers with on-screen prompts.


Referring to and adhering to the given procedure, it would become easy for you to set up your HP printer. For this, you will have to download and install drivers that you can do through However, preparing your printer is a must before this.