123.hp.com - Steps to Download and Install Hp Printer Drivers

123.hp.com is an online platform from where users can set up their HP printers. Through this website, users can execute the setup process for the hp printers- “ENVY,” “DeskJet,” “OfficeJet,” and “LaserJet.” In addition to the setup procedure, the users can also download drivers on their computer devices and contact the customer support team. After visiting the 123.hp.com official website, users will be asked to add the product name. Once entering the HP printer model, users need to tap on the Next button to proceed with the setup process.

From the 123.hp.com window, users can see an option, i.e., “Download Drivers,” located at the end of the page. By clicking on the Download drivers link, users will be transferred to another window from where users can register or sign-in to their HP account. Users who wish to download the HP printer drivers should tap the “Download Drivers” link.

Steps to Download and install Hp Printer Drivers

The users can download and install the HP Printer Driver on their device very easily. To download/install HP printer drivers, users are suggested to follow the steps given in this section.

Note: The users already having an account on HP are advised to login with their details, and those who do not have an account should click on the “Register” button and follow on-screen instructions.

  • Firstly, users are suggested to open a web browser on their devices.

  • After that, enter “123.hp.com” in the search section of the page.

  • Now, users will be directed to the official website of "123.hp.com."

  • From the official website, users are advised to scroll down and select the "Download Drivers" link given at the bottom.

  • After clicking on the above-provided link, the "HP Customer Support- Software and Driver Download" window will get open.

  • Now, users are advised to hit the “Printer” button to start the setup process.

  • Next, users need to identify their printer by writing the product name.

  • After proving the product name, users should tap on the “Submit” button.

  • Note: The users can also select the product name from the list having the details of the printers.

  • Next, the HP driver and the firmware details will be displayed on the user’s screen.

  • Note: The users are now advised to select the "+" option for more details.

  • After clicking on the "+" icon, the download button will be displayed on their screen.

  • Next, users are required to tap on the "Download" button.

  • After that, the ".exe" file will be downloaded on the user’s device.

  • After this, users are suggested to open the downloaded file.

  • Now, Tap on the "Unzip" button.

  • Note: The users need to download the HP printer drivers as it is mandatory to perform the HP printer setup.

  • Users are now suggested to wait till the download process gets complete.

  • After that, the "Installation mode screen" will be displayed on the device’s screen.

  • Users are now advised to select the preferred option from there.

  • After choosing the preferred option, users are suggested to click on the “Next” button.

Hence, users can quickly download the HP printer driver via 123.hp.com by following the above guidelines.

Procedure for HP Printer Setup via 123.hp.com

The users can quickly complete the printer setup procedure through the steps given in this section. Therefore, users are advised to follow the steps given below to perform the hp printer setup procedure via 123.hp.com.

Note: users are advised to remove all printer materials like tapes and packaging material from their printer and prepare it to start the setup method.

  • In the beginning, users should place their printer on a smooth and plane surface.

  • After that, they are suggested to connect their printer to the power supply.

  • Next, they should turn the printer "ON."

  • Now, the users will be required to set the language and region preferences.

  • After that, users should proceed further with the ink installation process.

  • Note: to avoid printing issues; the users should use a genuine ink cartridge.

  • Next, users should place the paper in the paper tray carefully to avoid paper jam issues.

  • After that, users are advised to print the alignment page.

  • Next, users are advised to open the web browser on their device/system.

  • Now, users should search for 123.hp.com in the search section to complete the setup process.

  • After reaching the official site, users will be asked to download the driver to start printing.

Therefore, users can smoothly set up their HP printer through 123.hp.com by following the above instructions.

This write-up includes information about the HP printers and how users can download and install HP printer drivers on their devices. Additionally, it also includes the procedure for HP printer setup via 123.hp.com.