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HP is an American multinational company that develops and provides a wide range of hardware and software products and services for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) and large enterprises. Its products include Printers, HP Software products, HP Converged Cloud products, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Tablet computers, Personal desktops, Business notebooks, and many more. After buying the HP printer, the users need to learn how to set it up. To set up the HP printer, users can contact the HP technicians or go to 123.hp.com and follow on-screen instructions.

The users can set up their printer in a wireless method, through a printer network or wired cables. 123.hp.com is a website that HP technicians developed to help people set up the HP printer by downloading software and printer drivers. On the 123.hp.com site, users can find instructions on connecting their HP printer wirelessly and with a USB cable. The Users who want to set up their HP printer are suggested to go through the complete write-up for step-by-step procedures.

Things to remember before setting up the HP printer via 123.hp.com

Before beginning with the HP setup procedure, users must keep in mind the below points.

  • The users should make sure the Wi-Fi key and credentials are correct.

  • Make sure the internet is working properly, and there is enough power.

  • Ensure the USB cable is working.

  • Make sure to install the firmware of the printer.

  • Ensure the printer is clean (free of dust).

  • Lastly, users are suggested to make sure that the operating system is updated.

How to setup HP Printer through 123.hp.com

After purchasing the HP printer, users need to learn how to perform its set up procedure. Hence, users have two options either contact the technicians of HP for the setup or follow the steps given in this section. This section includes the steps for HP printer setup via 123.hp.com.

Note: The users are recommended to remove the printer material such as tapes and packaging material from the printer and prepare it for the setup procedure.

  • At first, the users are advised to place the HP printer on a plane and smooth surface.

  • After placing the printer on a smooth surface, the users are recommended to connect the printer to the power outlet and then turn the power “ON.”

  • Next, the users should set the preferred language and region.

  • After this, the users are advised to proceed with the ink installation process.

  • Note: the users must use genuine ink to avoid printing issues.

  • The users are now suggested to place the paper in the paper tray to avoid the paper jam issue.

  • Next, the users are suggested to print the alignment page.

  • After that, the users are recommended to open a web browser on their system or device.

  • After opening the web browser, the users are advised to search for 123.hp.com in the search bar to finish the setup procedure.

  • Once reached on the official page, the users will be asked to download the driver to start printing.

Hence, it is effortless to learn and perform the HP printer setup process via 123.hp.com. If users still face issues in the setup process, they are advised to contact the HP printer's technicians to resolve their issues.

How to connect HP Printer to MAC through 123.hp.com

This section of the write-up includes the steps to connect MAC computer to wireless HP Printer. The users who want to connect their Mac to HP Printer are recommended to go through the instructions given below.

  • Note: Firstly, the users should make sure that the printer is “ON.”

  • After that, the users need to connect their HP Printer with a wireless router.

  • Next, the users are advised to visit the 123.hp.com website to download the printer’s driver for macOS.

  • Once the download is complete, the users are advised to double-click on it to start the installation procedure.

  • After the installation process, users should move further to adding on the HP printer in the MAC.

  • Next, the users are advised to go to the Apple menu and then select the “System Preference” option.

  • After that, users are required to tap on the “Printers & Scanners” option.

  • Next, the users need to select the “+” icon located on the screen's left side.

  • After this, the printer model will be displayed on the screen.

  • Next, users are suggested to select the “printer model and add” button to complete the HP Printer on their MAC.

Hence, the users can easily connect the HP Printer to their macOS by following the above steps.

This write-up includes information about HP Printers and its setup Procedure via 123.hp.com. In addition to this, it also includes steps to connect HP Printer to MAC through 123.hp.com.