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As everyone knows, the HP Printer is one of the leading printers available in the market. This is available at an affordable cost with many exciting features. Here this blog is completely about the 123.hp.com/setup so make use of the setup and start to enjoy your printing experience with the HP Printer. Let us start HP Printer Setup with MAC and Windows using 123 hp com setup. You can either download the HP Printer Manual or refer to the blog posts on our webpage 123.hp.com/setup. If you are new to HP Printers, stay updated to know the latest HP Printer Reviews.

Requirements for HP Printer Setup

  • HP Printer.

  • Cables.

  • Software.

  • Healthy Network Connection

  • Wireless Network SSID and the Password.

  • Device Setup Manual.

  • Windows or MAC Device.

How to Setup your HP Printer via 123.hp.com/setup?

  • Unpacking the HP Printer.

  • Connecting the Power Cables.

  • Install the Ink Cartridge to the Printer.

  • Loading the Papers to the Input Tray.

Then you can start to process with the HP Wireless Network settings on the HP Printer and Download the Driver.

HP Printer Setup for Windows and MAC via www.123.hp.com/setup

HP Printer Setup with Windows

  • Connect the printer and the windows via the USB Cable.

  • Navigate to the settings from the start option on the windows.

  • Tap on the devices and choose the printers or scanners option.

  • Then click on the add a printer or scanner option.

  • Wait until your printer’s name is visible on the windows.

  • Then after getting your printer’s name tap on the name.

  • The process to add the printer to the windows.

HP Printer Setup with MAC

  • Tap on the Apple icon on the top.

  • Then choose the system preference option.

  • Click the printers and scanners option.

  • Add the printer to the printer by tapping on the +icon on the MAC device.

  • Then you need to enter the IP Address of the printer.

  • Then tap on the add option found on the down corner to add the printer to the MAC device.

  • Now we follow the given process of HP Printer setup for Windows and Mac via 123.hp.com/setup.

What are the 123.hp.com/setup Wireless Settings on the HP Printer?

There are generally five methods of wireless network connection. You can pick a suitable method for your HP Printer.

  • Auto HP Wireless Printer Setup.

  • Wireless Wizard Method.

  • WPS Setup.

  • Windows Setup.

  • USB Cable Connection.

HP Driver Download for Windows and MAC
123 hp com setup

How to Make the HP Driver Download for Windows via 123 hp com?

  • Insert the CD to the windows, that came along with the printer package.

  • Download and locate the driver from the CD.

  • Make sure that you download and install the driver which is the latest version.

  • Then process the steps for the driver installation.

  • Open the HP smart app on the windows.

  • If you don't have the app, then download and install the app.

  • Load and open the app.

  • Add the printer via the HP Smart app to the windows.

  • Once you add the printer, then start to process the driver installation steps.

  • Open the driver and start to run the driver file.

  • Then accept for the terms and conditions to install the driver.

  • After the driver installation print the alignment page and start to install it on the printer.

How to Make the HP Driver Download for the MAC via 123 hp com?

  • Open the browser on the MAC device.

  • Then surf to the 123.hp.com site and type the model number of your printer.

  • Get the compatible driver from the site 123.hp.com.

  • Download and store the driver to the separate folder.

  • Now open the HP Smart App.

  • If you don't have the smart app, then install the app on the MAC device.

  • After the installation open the app and start to add the printer to the device.

  • Once these steps are over choose the driver from the storage.

  • Open and run the driver.

  • Process the steps for the driver installation.

  • don’t forget to accept for the terms and conditions to install the driver.

  • Now follow the given steps to Install the HP Driver Download for Windows and Mac.

How to print with Windows?

  • Turn on the printer and the windows.

  • Make the first time 123.hp.com/setup on the printer.

  • Then insert the essential photo paper to the tray.

  • Once these steps are over, open the image which you wish to print via the windows photo viewer.

  • If you don't have the app, then download and install the app.

  • As you insert the paper, adjust the guidelines to fit the paper in.

  • Press the control+p and you can visible the print screen will appear.

  • Then make the appropriate settings on the image.

  • You can make the border, alignment, orientation of the picture and adjust the print settings.

  • After completing the settings, you need to click on the print option.

  • Then enjoy your printing experience with the HP printers.

How to Scan with windows?

  • Turn on the HP Printer.

  • Connect the same wireless network to the printer as well as the windows.

  • Install the HP Scan App on the windows.

  • Open the app and add the printer to the windows.

  • Then set the scan preference.

  • Choose either to save as the PDF or the email as JPEG.

  • Then select the show viewer after the scan.

  • If your printer contains both the document feeder as well as the scanner glass, then choose the flatbed under source option.

  • The make the changes or edit on the document.

  • Place the document to the printer.

  • In HP Scan app choose the scan option.

  • Select the pages and once the scanning is over then tap the save option.

Print and Scan With Windows and MAC via 123.hp.com/setup

How to Print with the MAC device?

  • To print on from the MAC device is simple.

  • Turn on the printer and the MAC device.

  • Complete the basic 123.hp.com/setup on the printer.

  • Insert the photo sheet to the input tray.

  • Load the photo sheet as much as you wish to print.

  • Also, get the knowledge about the printer's input tray capacity and press the command+P option.

  • Then complete the settings on the picture you wish to print.

  • Change the color, phototype, etc. that depends upon your wish.

  • Once you complete the settings, proceed to print and Tap on the print option.

How to Scan with the MAC device?

  • Add the printer to the MAC device.

  • Tap on the apple icon and choose the system preference option.

  • Then select the printers and the scanners option.

  • Choose the scanner from the left side.

  • Now, load the papers to the scanner’s document feeder.

  • Choose the use document feeder option.

  • Then complete the scan settings.

  • After completing the scan settings tap the scan option.

  • Once you get the scan document store to the device.

How to Resolve the HP Printer Troubleshooting?

HP Errors and Troubleshooting

      • Check and verify the setup steps.

      • Speed of the network.

      • Compatibility of the software.

      • Device reset and restart can help you.

      • If it’s a printing error, clear the jammed or stuck papers inside.

HP Printer Goes Offline

This issue may occur if the printer has a network issue. So check that there is an error on the network connection. If yes, then process the steps to rectify the network issue. Download and install the HP print and scan doctor app to check where the problem persists. You can also make the test print out to check where the issue is and fix the issue.

HP Printer Driver Unavailable

If you receive this error message, then your driver might not be compatible with the printer, or else the driver might face some issue. Make sure that the driver which you install is compatible with your printer. Check whether you have downloaded the driver from the 123.hp.com site. Always prefer to download the driver from the registered site.

Network Connectivity Issue

If you can not connect the network, check that you are processing the steps to the proper router's name. Also, check that there is no issue with the availability of the network. Make sure that you enter the correct password to connect to the network. If you are using the USB cable for the web, then check that the cable is appropriately hooked up to the computer.

HP Printing Issues

If you don't get the quality printing, it is best to prefer the HP ink cartridges for printing to improve the quality. To get rid of the printing issues, check that the network configuration is good. Additionally, check that there is a low quantity of the ink level. If yes then replace the ink cartridge.

If you do not know how to execute HP Printer Setup with MAC and Windows via 123 hp com setup, Driver Download and Troubleshooting contact our Printer support team number . Check the recent blog post on our webpage 123.hp.com/setup.

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