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With a local warehouse and resources containing nearly $ 1,000,000 in combined furniture & accessories, we have the assets available for any size project!

Our professional designers average over 10 years of home decor and design experience and our proven strategies result in one of the most successful presentations any home can have.

With an eye for exquisite detail, awareness of strict budgets and a passion for delivery of a product that results in a positive response from the market, we take our craft very seriously.

We don't just toss a couple pillows on the sofa and charge you money.

To provide our clients with the highest return on their staging investment, we work hard to integrate affordable furnishings into designer style pieces to provide an overall feel of upscale, yet approachable - staging.

EVERYTHING we do is designed to MAXIMIZE the impact on your market.

We service top producers from every area within Southern California, and can custom tailor our offerings to your particular needs.

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For a limited time, new staging projects in Southern California may include our exclusive FULL IMMERSION HOME TOUR at no extra charge. This fully interactive, HD tour showcase the home like nothing else can. Give buyers a first hand experience touring the home as if they were standing there in person! This add-on is valued at almost $ 1,000, but for a limited time, it's added for FREE upon request. Some restrictions apply. See representative for full offer details. Can not be combined with the same, or any other offer, special, promotion, discount, coupon or package. Not all homes will qualify. No guarantee of suitability exists, offer may change or be cancelled without notice. Void where prohibited or restricted. See www.HomeImmersion.com

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Not every room will be staged under most promotions, refer to contract for full details. Closets, utility, storage, outdoor spaces, garage and other areas may not be staged under promotional rate, subject to Laguna Staging designer's discretion. Some images are stock and no images can represent expectations for every project. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success. Laguna Staging can not be held responsible for typographical errors, claims or photos used for illustrative purposes only. All terms and conditions of sale are to be addressed in contract for services, this presentation is for informational purposes only, and Laguna Staging can not be held responsible for it's content. All real estate data, information and due diligence should be carefully considered and professional licensed experts retained where appropriate. We make no guarantees concerning design decisions, matching personal taste(s) or appealing to everyone's style. Furniture is ON LOAN and can only be sold with separately negotiated bill of sale, subject to approval by Laguna Staging. © 2015-17. All Rights Reserved. No 3rd party endorsement is expressed or implied. Refer to Service Agreement, for full contract terms and conditions.

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Laguna Staging is the premier home staging design firm with sales and design teams located throughout Southern California. Our staff is dedicated to client satisfaction. Laguna Staging has a primary goal of helping agents to present the home in the best light possible to attract the best offer in the shortest time frame. Laguna Staging has been in the home, real estate presentation, peripheral and design businesses since 1991, established in Laguna Beach, CA. By focusing on home staging, we have been able to grow our firm and offer the resources and style that our client's crave. Together, we have successfully staged numerous homes all over Southern California and would be honored to work on yours.

It's a classic conundrum: Staging a home increases its value on the open market, but the whole process can be expensive. You have to shell out to hire a stager and rent furniture and art. If professional staging isn't in your budget, never fear—it's entirely possible to do a little DIY staging that won't break the bank.

Here are some budget-friendly tips and tricks from stagers and Realtors® that will make over your home for next to nothing—or even for free!


Get free advice

A no-cost—and no-brainer—way to get your home looking good and ready to sell? "Get your Realtor involved," says Realtor Bill Golden with Re/Max Metro Atlanta Cityside, who has 29 years of experience.

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Golden's basic advice: If a home is vacant, furnish only the main rooms: living, dining, and family. "Otherwise, people have trouble picturing how it can be set up."

Skip bedrooms, which are generally straightforward, according to layout. Add furniture only if bedrooms are unusually small or oddly shaped, to help define how the space can be used. Finally, clearly define any transitional space with straightforward furniture that demonstrates the space's function.

Don't rent a storage unit

Experienced sellers all know the absolute cheapest way to spruce up a home for sale is the critical de-cluttering stage—"the most typical problem" of homeowners, as one staging pro puts it. Still, storage units can be expensive, as can the U-Haul you need to rent to slog your stuff there. So consider some cheaper alternatives.

Depending on the amount you need to stash, Clutter.com offers storage for as little as $7 per month; Makespace.com, $12 per month. These services make it easy, too: They'll send you boxes, which you fill and mail back to them. Whenever you want your stored stuff just ask, and back it comes.

Slipcover old furniture

Cover up dated or worn furniture with a slipcover.

Cover up dated or worn furniture with a slipcover.surefit.net

Design expert Sam Jernigan at Renaissance Design Consultations of Northern California previously worked at one of the top staging firms in San Francisco and developed a mini-staging service. Her top tip for DIY staging: ready-made slipcovers—including for chairs—that can neutralize dated or too-busy patterns and freshen up worn upholstered pieces. Couch slipcovers start at $79.96 at Sure Fit.

Grab just 1 quart of paint

A splash of color can draw attention to features.

A splash of color can draw attention to features.Natasha Sioss/Getty Images

You already know that most rooms should be painted in a neutral tone. But according to Jernigan, a quart of the right pop of color can play up key architectural features and costs only around $15.

"Is the fireplace or bay window lost amid a sea of same color walls?" she says. "An accent paint will give new focus to important features that are otherwise lost.”

Raise the roof, visually speaking

"Older homes with low 8-foot ceilings benefit from adding strong vertical lines to a room," says Jernigan. Cut some wild foliage—like 6-foot branches—and place them in a narrow vase. Another trick? Add draperies from a ceiling mount rod to give the room a lift. "Ready-made draperies are now available in 96- as well as 108-inch lengths." (They start at $29.99 at Ikea.)


Update the look of a room with a low-cost bedding set.

Update the look of a room with a low-cost bedding set.target.com

If a bedroom needs updating, snag bed-in-a-bag bedding ensembles from a discount store (starting at as low as $8 at Target). These low-cost linens can even do double duty as a window treatment in a pinch. Jernigan suggests using the matching sheets—that no one will see under the duvet—as curtains.

Quick bathroom face-lift

Some new fixtures can quickly make your bathroom feel newer.

Some new fixtures can quickly make your bathroom feel newer.kohler.com

If a complete gut job isn’t in the cards for your outdated bathrooms, just paint existing cabinets, add new hardware, and finish with a cloth shower curtain. "Voila! This helps your old bath feel almost as good as new, " says Los Angeles–based interior designer Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Design.

Pay attention to lighting

Show your home in its best light by purchasing good quality bulbs with appropriate wattage.

"Some bulbs have warmer hues, which are more flattering to skin tones," says Jernigan. Soft pink bulbs start at two for $2.99.

Hit thrift stores and yard sales

If you need to buy some pieces to stage your home, don't break the bank unless you're shopping for furniture you plan to keep. Instead, hit thrift stores and yard sales. Better yet, borrow pieces from friends or family.

"You'd be surprised how many people have an attic or basement full of furniture that they're not using," says Golden. "A desk can stand in as a dining table, and clean, appropriately scaled outdoor furniture can be used inside."

Banish outdated decor

Zero in on yesteryear's decor "such as silk flowers and outdated curtains," says Colby Sambrotto, CEO and founder of USRealty.com. This includes updating one of the first things buyers see when they pull up: the house number.

"Make sure the numerals are in a style consistent with the architectural design of the house," Sambrotto says. Sometimes it's the small things that make a big (initial) impact.

Create homey vignettes

Stage for everyday living with bouquets of fresh flowers and bowls of fresh fruit. This kind of staging is basically free—"it means setting dining tables and creating small vignettes like a folded newspaper with a coffee cup on a tray by a chaise lounge," says Jernigan. "These small touches spell home, especially our idealized version of home."

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Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Boost curb appeal. ...

Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. ...

Get your house sparkling clean. ...

Clear away all clutter. ...

Strike a balance between clean and lived-in. ...

Style your dining room table. ...

Take a good look at your floors. ...

Rearrange your furniture.

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What is staging a home?

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.

Home staging - Wikipedia


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How do I prepare my house for sale?

Use these 10 tips to whip your home into shape and wow potential buyers.

Improve your landscaping. ...

Clean the outside. ...

Make repairs. ...

Make the front door inviting. ...

Buy a new welcome mat. ...

Remove clutter and depersonalize. ...

Organize closets and drawers. ...

Make every surface shine.

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What does it cost to stage a house for sale?

It can also cut the time on the market. Because nearly 90% of home buyers start their search on the Internet, staging is a good way to make sure online photos pop. Home sellers spend an average of $1,800 to stage a home, but costs can range from a couple of hundred dollars to $5,000 or more.

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How much can you make as a home stager?

Not only that, it misleads aspiring stagers into believing that this is a good home staging income. Even bumping that pay from $31.45 up to $40 per hour, if you do three two-hour staging consultation each week, that works out to $240 per week or roughly $960 per month.

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How do you stage your house to sell?

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Boost curb appeal. ...

Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. ...

Get your house sparkling clean. ...

Clear away all clutter. ...

Strike a balance between clean and lived-in. ...

Style your dining room table. ...

Take a good look at your floors. ...

Rearrange your furniture.

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What is a RESA?

RESA is an acronym for Regional Educational Service Agency. RESAs (formally CESAs) have been in existence since 1966. There are 16 RESAs serving the 180 school systems across the State.

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How do I go about selling my house myself?

How to Be Your Own Real Estate Agent Selling Your Home**Price Your Home to Sell. ... **Obtain a Flat Fee Listing on the MLS. ... **Market Your Property. ... **Hold an Open House. ... **Know Your Property's Selling Points. ... **Prepare to Show Your House. ... **Show Your House. ... **Perform Your Own Negotiations.

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How can I sell my house fast?

Here are some ideas of small extra things that you can do to incentivize buyers to pull the trigger:**Offer a little bit of credit to cover the closing costs, or — better yet — offer to pay them entirely. ... **Transfer your home warranty for appliances over to the buyer. ... **Offer them the chance to move in quicker than normal.

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What is virtual staging?

Virtual Staging is a technology savvy marketing tool that drives buyer traffic instantly while getting your vacant property noticed online, which is where 90% of potential home buyers search for their next home! Pricing starts at just $225 for 3 virtual 'staged' photos.

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Is the cost of staging a home tax deductible?

In summary, the IRS' position is that staging costs are a legitimate selling expense for both primary and secondary homes and are therefore tax deductible. However, it is important to note that if a house is staged and then taken off the market, the staging expenses are not tax deductible.”

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How much do you make as a real estate agent?

How do you start a home staging business?

What You Need to Start a Home Staging Business:

Learn about your local real estate market. Determine what buyers want in a home.

Prepare a portfolio of homes you've staged. You can start by doing your home. ...

Although you don't need any special training or certifications, intenior design courses can give you credibility.

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What is the meaning of staging?

Staging is the process of selecting, designing, adapting to, or modifying the performance space for a play or film. This includes the use or absence of stagecraft elements as well as the structure of the stage and its components..

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What does the staging of the cancer indicate?

What is the meaning of home service?

What does construction staging mean?

A staging area (otherwise staging point, staging base or staging post) is a location where organisms, people, vehicles, equipment or material are assembled before use. It may refer to: Construction.

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How do you sell your house on your own?

How do you sell your home?

If that's when you plan to plant your "for sale" sign, here are 10 things you can do beforehand:**Recognize every market is different.**Get your home inspected.**Shape up before marketing.**Devise a marketing plan.**Check into company relocation assistance.**Interview real estate agents.**Set a price.**Understand your price.

10 must-do steps to sell your home this year - Bankrate.com


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How long does it take to sell your home?

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median days on market for homes sold in September 2015 was only 49 days, down slightly from 56 days a year ago. It is taking an additional 41 days to close the sale.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House Today? | Homes.com


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How much do you pay in closing costs when you sell your house?

Once you've paid off your mortgage and any other loans on the property, the biggest chunk of change home sellers pay at closing is the sales commission to the real estate agent. That ranges from 5% to 8% of the purchase price, with the average around 6%.

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What is a real estate photographer?

Real estate photography is more than just point-and-shoot photography: it is a way of selling a lifestyle. It makes the viewer feel safe, warm, sophisticated, and any other feeling your property radiates. In the competitive realm, it's the hidden link that connects agents with viewers.

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Are Home selling expenses tax deductible?

All these expenses, however, regardless of their nature, are not deductible against general income on your tax return. They only act to reduce the profit on the sale of the house. If you are concerned about whether you have taxable income from the sale of the house, TurboTax can calculate that for you.

Can i deduct home improvement expenses in getting my house ready ...


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Can I deduct the closing costs from the sale of my home?

Do you have to have a degree in interior design?

What do you have to do to become a real estate agent?

What is a staged procedure?

It may be necessary to indicate that the performance of a procedure or service during the postoperative period was (a) planned or anticipated (staged); (b) more extensive than the original procedure; or (c) for therapy following a surgical procedure.

What does “Staged” Procedure mean?


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What is staging in medical terms?

What is the lock up stage of building?

What is the post construction?

How do you market a house?

How can I get my house to sell faster?

How much is real estate photography?

What is high dynamic range in photography?

Do home sellers pay closing costs?

How do you calculate closing costs?

How long does it take from accepting an offer on a house?

How long does it take to go to closing on a house?

How do you stage your house to sell?

How do I prepare my house for sale?

What is a 58 modifier?

What is a 78 modifier used for?


30 Can't-Miss Home Staging Tips | HGTV

www.hgtv.com › Design › Decorating › Design 101

First, roll a light coat of paint onto the bricks. Next, lightly spray them with water and then dab them before they dry to give them an outdoor look. When you are done, you will have a patio that looks fresh and reels in buyers. Staging rooms to show off their true potential is essential when selling your home.

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Highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with these home-staging tips.

Home Staging Tips | Staging a Home for Sale | Home Staging Checklist


This comprehensive home staging checklist will help you make your home look its best when you're selling. Staging a home for sale? Get tips at HouseLogic.

Home Staging Guide | Realtor Magazine

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Before you show a home to any potential buyer, you want to make sure the staging is perfect. Follow these general tips and your home will look better than the ...

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Jun 13, 2012 - Case Design/Remodeling, Inc. Boost curb appeal. Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. Get your house sparkling clean. Clear away all clutter. Strike a balance between clean and lived-in. Style your dining room table. Take a good look at your floors. Rearrange your furniture.

Home Staging: 5 Cheap Ideas - Bankrate.com


Page and veteran Florida Realtor Jennifer Radice, of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Boca Raton, Florida, share expert tips for staging your home ...

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Find and save ideas about Home staging tips on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas. | See more about Homes for sell, Home staging and House staging ...

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May 1, 2015 - Can't afford to pay a designer to reimagine your living space for selling? Try these expert-approved DIY staging ideas.

38 Dirt-Cheap Home Staging Ideas & Tips To Sell Your Home


These dirt cheap home staging ideas will help tip buyers in your favor. The stats prove it out. These cheap tips will help you get more for your sellers and.

How To Stage Your Home For A Quick Sale - Investopedia


When real estate agents talk about staging your home, they're referring to a method ... While there are plenty of room-specific staging tips, if you're on a limited budget, it's best to focus on big-picture improvements and on the ...

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