Increase your child's chances of passing the 11 Plus with my INTENSIVE 11 Plus revision courses and mock exams. NOW available online.

As parents we only want the best for our children and getting them into a Grammar School is one of those achievements many of us parents want for our child. 11 Plus revision courses are a great way to help achieve this!

Not many children are academic geniuses and most children have little or no experience in taking real exams. As a parent and a tutor myself I completely understand these anxieties you may have for your child's academic future.

Tutoring our children helps prepare them for the topics that may come up in any 11 Plus exam, but tuition alone is only part of the solution. 11 Plus revision courses help give your child that extra confidence that they can do this!


We need our children to be prepared for the 11 Plus exam itself

The pressure of taking an exam can be huge especially for such young children - they want to do well; they want to please their parents and they want to go to Grammar School with all their friends. So, the pressure can be intense for them.

We can try and reassure them and just tell them to do their best and that does help to a limited degree but there are other options. While we try and reassure them, make sure they eat and sleep well and of course revise too that all helps but we can go one further.

They may have revised and even had tuition to cover all the topics the 11+ might cover but they more than likely have not prepared for the exam itself.

What do I mean by this? The 11 Plus test is a completely different ball game to revising at home or having a tutor teach you each week. The exam brings about great anxiety and stress for most children and it is an environment they probably never experienced before now.

The best way to practice for 11 Plus is with a mock exam.

The tests are held under strict exam like conditions. Your child will make mistakes. Some through lack of revision; not enough knowledge of certain topics; making silly mistakes; poor time management skills and mix that in with nerves and children will not perform at their best and that is all perfectly normal.

Not practising for the 11+ exam can for some children be the difference between passing and failing and it's this gap in experience I intend to help your child eliminate with 11 Plus mock exams and intensive revision courses.

11 Plus Revision Courses - CSSE, CEM & GL Covered

The intensive 11+ online revision courses (usually held over Easter, May half term and end of Summer term) will not just cover the important topics that might be in the exams but also will cover exam techniques which help your child tackle the tests in a more strategic way. For example we cover time management so your child doesn't spend too much or too little time on certain questions and is able to be more familiar with how exam questions are written and laid out.

We then finish all our 11 Plus revision courses with a mock exam - the results give you and your child good feedback on areas they need to address more; they also are proven to ease exam nerves when they take the real thing as they are now more familiar with the exam process itself and as my mock tests are written by myself and a retired examiner your child gets the full exam experience, something you don't normally get with other mock exams that may use past papers your child may already have taken.

We help your child prepare for the CSSE paper through 7 and a half hours of revision spread over 3 sessions and we have a 4th and final session where we will conduct a mock practice test to see how well they have done.

Sessions will be held online and Government permitting will be held simultaneously in the Southend and nearby Leigh on Sea areas.


What do the revision courses consist of?

They include three sessions and one 11+ Mock Exam at the end.

Session 1: Comprehension Skills

Session 2: Creative Writing

Session 3: Maths

Session 4: 11+ mock exams

All sessions last for about 2 and a half hours and consist of a brief break in between for children to use the toilet, have a snack or a drink.

What are the advantages of enrolling my child on to a revision course?

Intensive revision for the 11 Plus exams is held in small classes which helps their academic needs to be met. Groups will revise the relevant texts, topics, syllabus that covers the CSSE 11+. The revision courses are designed to give your child a clear understanding of the essentials of the syllabus and to teach them exam techniques, so that your child can use what they have learnt to the best of their ability.

Where and when is the 11+ Intensive revision course for Southend being held?

The first one will be held on Tuesday the 14th April 2020 to Friday the 17th April 2020.

Sessions will start promptly at 10.00 am and finish at 12.30 pm (make sure your child is not late for the 11 Plus mocks exams on the final day (Friday 17th April) as we will start without them.

We will be located at: Unit 5, Priory Works, Priory Avenue, Southend on Sea, SS2 6LD There will be plenty of parking and buses run nearby too. Closest train station is called Prittlewell.

Locations covered:

The 11 Plus practice Mock test for CSSE covers the following areas in Essex and East London - Southend, Basildon, Leigh, Chalkwell, Colchester, Chelmsford, Grays, Hackney, Grays, Ilford, Romford and so forth.


All my tutors have a lot of experience in the following areas: exam marking, exam creation, invigilating exams for schools and universities etc. We have been running 11 Plus intensive revision and mock exams for many years with a high success rate for our students.

The CSSE style 11 Plus mock exams and intensive revision courses I offer are used to help gain acceptance to the accompanying Southend, Chelmsford and Colchester schools:

Westcliff High Schools, Southend High Schools, Shoeburyness High School (Grammar Stream), St Bernard's and St Thomas More High School (Grammar Streams), King Edward VI Grammar School, Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Royal Grammar School.

Length of Mock Exams:

English Paper (70 mins)

Break for refreshments and a snack (20mins)

Maths Paper (60 mins)

What happens afterwards?

At the point when your payment has cleared you will get an email with an form attached for you to fill in. Contact details, child pickup details and any allergies your child may have when we give them snacks and refreshments during a short break. Lastly please return the registration form at your earliest opportunity.



There is plenty of on road park in the area and dependant on the location likewise there will be off street parking as well. If travelling by public transport there are plenty of buses that run on a regular basis. You are allowed to wait for your child in either a waiting room or you can visit one of the various local cafes and shops close by.

Start times:

The 11 Plus mock exams in Southend for the most part start at 10 am on the dot with registration taken 15 minutes before that. It is vital that you ensure you arrive in plenty of time for the exams as any late appearances won't be permitted any additional time. There are clocks in the rooms to tell the students what the time is. There are likewise white board notices showing the beginning and finish time for every test.

Dates for 11 Plus Intensive Revision Courses - Also available online!

Half Term Course with a free 11+ mock exam (PAPER C) included in the price:

Date: 1st to 4th June

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for refreshments and comfort)

Location: Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Summer Course (A) with a free 11+ mock exam (PAPER D) included in the price:

Date: 3rd to 6th August 2021

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for refreshments and comfort)

Location: Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Summer Course (B) with a free 11+ mock exam (PAPER E) included in the price:

Date: 23rd to 26th August 2021

Time: 9.45am to 12.30 (15 minute break for refreshments and comfort)

Location: Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL


5 mock exams are on offer presently:

Paper A, B, C, D, E and F are for the most part unique and not accessible anyplace else.

All papers are based on the CSSE examining board - if you want your child to sit a CEM or GL paper please let me know and I will arrange this for you.


Paper A - SOLD OUT

Paper B

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Saturday 17th April 2021

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper C

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Friday 4th June 2021

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper D

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Friday 6th August 2021

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper E

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Thursday 26th August 2021

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper F

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Saturday 4th September 2021

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL



Your child will get over 4 days 3 intensive revision sessions and at the end a CSSE 11 Plus mock exam test for £190 when booked in advance or £240 on the day (if there is space still available).

We also offer the 11+ mock exams on their own for £42.50 if your child can't do the online revision course or if you want to take an extra practice test.

Refunds are given if you change your mind however we need at least 28 days or more advanced notice. If your child ends up unwell before the examinations start, at that point I can move them to another date of your choosing subject to availability or we can send them all the available course material and mock exams to do at home. However we cannot offer refunds of any kind when less than 28 days notice is given.

When paying for just the mock exams please indicate in the buyers notes which paper your child will be sitting - A,B,C,D,E or F

We can accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and PayPal for payment. If you don't mind being a little bit patient the payment link takes two or three additional seconds than is typical to load before it takes you to the payment page.


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