11 Plus Mock Exams for chelmsford, Colchester, southend CSSE Tests

This never been seen new CSSE style mock test has been composed by an accomplished examiner (retired) and myself to give your child the closest experience possible to the real 11+ exams that they will ever sit.

Information regarding this Event:

11 Plus Mock Exams CSSE covers the accompanying zones in Essex and East London - Southend, Basildon, Leigh, Chalkwell, Colchester, Chelmsford, Grays, Hackney, Grays, Ilford, Romford and so forth.


The mock tests are held under exacting test like conditions to make it a realistic encounter for your child. This is going to enable them to get into the right frame of mind for when they take the genuine article.

Marks are regularly lost on the 11 Plus test on just two things: 1. Nerves causing your child to lose focus and overlook things they really know. 2. Not revising particular topics thoroughly or even at all, since they thought they realised how to do it or possibly they simply didn't understand it was a subject that may come up. Whatever issues these mock papers feature together we can help ensure it doesn't occur on the day itself.

These mock tests offer them a chance to iron out these issues. Right off the bat you can tell which topics they are more fragile on after the test has been finished. Besides the entire experience of taking mock exams it also helps to banish a large portion of those feared pre test nerves that pretty much every child encounters from something so significant that they have never done before.


A couple of days after the fact after all the test papers have been marked you will get by means of email a thorough report on their test scores and this will include:raw scores and percentages. Likewise you will get your child's marked exam papers back - you can either have them posted (£3 p&p charge applies) or you can collect them from us for no charge. The marked test papers will enable you to see which points they did well on and which parts they have to get better on.

Extra Methods to Help Them Pass:

Notwithstanding giving your child a chance to revise at home we can likewise give you the choice of having a feedback session with your child directly after their mock papers, so we can cover every one of the topics they have to revise more on. We will likewise offer during the feedback session some proper guidance and tips on effectively overcoming the exams.

We likewise have intensive revision session courses to help support their odds of passing the 11 Plus Exams. These sessions normally keep going for roughly three hours per day, for three successive days and are held in small groups. On the other hand additional privately arranged teaching might be offered and your child can undertake extra mock tests-we have 6 tests as of now accessible to book and all one of a kind in their own individual right, so no past papers at all are taken.

On the off chance that your kid needs additional assistance passing their 11 Plus exams and you simply don't know which alternative above is directly for them at that point please get in touch with me once you have received your child's results from me we can then decide on a choice of action that will help them the most.

Why Choose me to help your child to pass?

All the 11+ mock test papers have been created with the help of a just recently retired and exceptionally experienced examiner. Notwithstanding having many years involvement in marking and individuating examinations, you will be please to discover that I have been running numerous tests and revision courses more than quite a while now with great results and have helped numerous students accomplish 11 Plus pass marks.

I have likewise marked and invigilated for schools and colleges which I think makes me prepared to help give your youngster a significantly higher possibility of going their tests through the applicable experience I can grant to them.

The test papers that your kid will take has been particularly made so they are intently styled on genuine real past CSSE exam papers. The main difference being that your child will take a new mock test which means your kid won't wind up with a past test paper they could have just taken at home or at school.

The 11+ mock tests start from the beginning of the week in January until the first week of September and every one is unique, so your child can take the same number of as they have to get decidedly ready for the genuine article.

The CSSE style 11 Plus mock exams I offer are used to help gain acceptance to the accompanying Southend, Chelmsford and Colchester schools:

Westcliff High Schools, Southend High Schools, Shoeburyness High School (Grammar Stream), St Bernard's and St Thomas More High School (Grammar Streams), King Edward VI Grammar School, Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Royal Grammar School.

Length of Mock Exams:

English Paper (70 mins)

Break for refreshments and a snack (20mins)

Maths Paper (60 mins)

What happens afterwards?

At the point when your payment has cleared you will get an email with an form attached for you to fill in. Contact details, child pickup details and any allergies your child may have when we give them snacks and refreshments during a short break. Lastly please return the registration form at your earliest opportunity.


There is plenty of on road park in the area and dependant on the location likewise there will be off street parking as well. If travelling by public transport there are plenty of buses that run on a regular basis. You are allowed to wait for your child in either a waiting room or you can visit one of the various local cafes and shops close by.

Start times:

The 11 Plus mock exams in Southend for the most part start at 10 am on the dot with registration taken 15 minutes before that. It is vital that you ensure you arrive in plenty of time for the exams as any late appearances won't be permitted any additional time. There are clocks in the rooms to tell the students what the time is. There are likewise white board notices showing the beginning and finish time for every test.

6 mock exams are on offer presently:

Paper A, B, C, D, E and F are for the most part unique and not accessible anyplace else.

Paper A

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Sunday fifth January 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper B

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Thursday eighteenth April 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper C

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Friday 24th July 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper D

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Wednesday twelfth August 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper E

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Saturday 29th August 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL

Paper F

Date and Time: 9.45am – 12.30pm, Sunday sixth September 2020

Place: JJ's Tuition 1436 London Road, Leigh on Sea, SS9 2UL


A fee for each mock exam of £41.61 (payment button located below) made payable in advance to guarantee your child will have the chance to sit the test. Refunds are given if you change your mind however I need at least 7 days or more notice. On the off chance that your child sadly ends up unwell before the examinations start, at that point I can move them to another date of your choosing subject to availability.

I can offer discounts for the mock exams; the feedback sessions or the intensive revision sessions in the event that you book more than one option ahead of time.

When paying please indicate in the buyers notes which paper your child will be sitting - A,B,C,D,E or F

I can accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Paypal for payment. If you don't mind being a little bit patient the payment link takes two or three additional seconds than is typical to load before it takes you to the payment page.