Remaining Schedule

Friday @ St James' (2pm & 7pm)


Saturday is The Day Of Atonement in the Jewish calendar.

We wish to encourage you to set aside this day to spend time with God in your own homes reflecting on the last 10 days and asking God to help you remove anything from your heart or home that is getting in the way in your relationship with Him.

Ezekiel 11:17-20

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A set-apart season to seek God’s face

We are pleased to announce that we have approval to run an prayer and worship event in Forbury Gardens.

Open daytimes and evenings (further details and schedule shall be published soon).

You may follow the event at our Facebook page

The event is open to Reading, the surrounding areas, the Nation.

If you wish to volunteer please see Volunteering on the menu.

What would it look like if you gave 10 entire days over to seeking God?

How would it look if your family, your local church, your neighbourhood, your nation did the same?

What, ' if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from

their wicked ways...?'

For more details please feel free to look at our Facebook page

'...then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.' II Chronicles 7:14

If you want to contact the team responsible for this please email

There will be a big top tent in the heart of Reading waiting for your prayers, worship and celebrations.

It's almost as if the King will be in the field!

Is this 24/10?

Well that really depends IF those people who are called by His name want that.

The tent will be there 24hrs a day and of course with constant security. At the moment we're thinking of starting at about noon and finishing at about 10PM or shortly after. We shall be taking a break at about 6pm to allow those volunteers staying on for the evening to eat before opening the doors again at 7PM for a 7:30PM start but if there's a hunger to keep the praying and worship going far be it from us to press the pause button.

On Saturday we hope to open earlier at around 10am and later on Sunday from 1pm to allow people to attend their own church in the morning unless there's a desire to have church at the tent! The end time for those days are expected to be the same as the weekdays.

The exact timetable is deliberately being held flexible to allow the Holy Spirit to direct more of the schedule than we sometimes experience in church. This could mean of course that the event could potentially go significantly beyond the 10PM finish if God wishes.

10 Days of Prayer is a time to seek Gods face together. The timetable really does depend on IF the hunger is there and what the response to volunteering is...

How does volunteering to lead a session during the day work?

There are those that enjoy worshiping God and there are those that are happy to do that whilst leading others. Of course this is different to performing, this is Worship - just saying. Some may love doing this as a band or others may play while another reads scripture or while others dance, fly banners. Sometimes it can be good to play music whilst others pray or intercede. There are of course many ways to celebrate God and seek His face. Those from churches that would like to lead a session during the day are encouraged to sign up via the volunteering button on the top right of the webpage then we can start to work with your responses. It's likely that the timetable will be in one & a half hour sessions. Wouldn't it be great IF there was a constant flow of seeking Gods face?