Resurrection Parish is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults

We are currently updating our files. For ALL volunteers we need:

1. A current Working With Children’s Check (WWCC CARD) connected to the Parish.

2. A signed declaration that you have read and understood the Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Children. This declaration document can be found HERE. You can download, read and sign the form. A photo or scan of Page 3 where you sign needs to be returned to Marj at the parish Centre, or emailed to as soon as possible next week. If you do not have means of accessing the website please contact the Parish Office for a hard copy of the form. The link to apply for a card is

Please Note: If you are on any of our rosters for Mass Ministries or Service Ministries or are a member of any of the Parish committees or groups that meet regularly then you are, by definition, a volunteer.

402 Corrigan Road, Keysborough, Victoria, 3173

Phone: 9701 5899

NEW Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10.00am to 1.00pm

Resurrection Masses

Masses are available on our Videos page here or via our YouTube channel here or via our Facebook page here

We will endeavour to have masses available by 6.00pm most days.

CDFPay for Parishes is now available. Credit Card or Direct Debit payments continue as normal. For those on envelopes or wanting to make a special donation, you can support the parish with CDFPay online collections. You can make one-off or recurring donations.

You can donate to the Parish Thanksgiving (to support the Church and its works) and/or Presbytery (support of our Parish Priest). If you have an Envelope Number, please put this number in the notes section so that we can allocate your donation.

If you are experiencing hardship and need to vary your thanksgiving contributions, please contact the parish on 9701 5899 or email Click the Support Our Parish button above to make your donation. Thank You.

The Church and Parish Centre facilities are currently closed due to the Stage 4 Restrictions.

Church services are ONLINE only - The Church is NOT open to the public.

Visit our COVID 19 page for more information.

November – Month of Remembrance and the Parish Remembrance Book

At this time in a “normal year” we have slips available in the Church for anyone wishing to add the name(s) of a loved one(s)who may have passed away in the last 12 months. The slip is here (Remembrance Slip 2020.PDF). Please note the following points as you DO NOT need to complete a slip if any of the following applies:

1. The funeral of your loved one was celebrated at Resurrection Parish

2. The funeral was celebrated elsewhere, but Fr Brian was the celebrant

3. You completed a slip in previous years (all names are retained in a database) so past names will still appear in our Remembrance Book.

4. Please note that we need, as a minimum, the month your loved one passed away to be able to place a correct entry into our Remembrance book.

Our Remembrance book is placed in a prominent position in our Church during the month of November. At this stage, as we don’t know if we will be back in Church by then, we will make plans for another option.

Slips may be emailed back to the parish or to Peter or placed in our purple letterbox outside the Parish Centre.

Welcome to our 2020 lockdown retreat for you at home



This coming week, we enter into the 9th and 10th week of our retreat as we revisit the themes of Jubilee 2000. Together we have explored the themes of fallow time through creation, journey, forgiveness, justice.

The theme for the next two weeks will focus on FREEDOM.

Freedom, generally, is having the ability to act or change without constraint. Something is "free" if it can change easily and is not constrained in its present state. ...

A person has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces.

Generally our daily focus will view personal freedom as

FREEDOM FROM...the things that bind us, hold us captive (ex anxiety and fear)

FREEDOM TO... the things that support our striving for the fullness of life (choice)

Freedom can be seen in several contexts with several meanings:

1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.

Similar ideas: right to, entitlement to, privilege, prerogative, due, freedom of choice

2. absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

Similar ideas: independence, self-government, democracy, self- determination, self-legislation, self rule, autonomy, self-sufficiency, individualism, separation, non-alignment, emancipation

Opposite: dependence

3. the power of self-determination attributed to the will;

the quality of being independent of fate or necessity.

Similar: space, breathing space, room, elbow room, licence, leave, free rein, a free hand, leisure, flexibility

Opposite: restriction

4. the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Similar: liberty, liberation, release, emancipation, deliverance, delivery, discharge, non-confinement, amnesty, pardoning

Opposite: captivity

5. the state of being unrestricted and able to move easily; unrestricted use of something; state of not being subject to or affected by something undesirable

Similar: exemption, immunity, dispensation, release, relief, reprieve, absolution, exoneration, letting off

Opposite: liability

Thank you for participating with our parish communities during this retreat.

Your positive feedback is appreciated.

We are pleased that you have found this form of daily reflection and prayer an opportunity to explore your faith, spirituality and pastoral response for yourself, your loved ones, our community, our nation and our world.

Peace and blessings to you all ... Brian, Vicki, Martin and our parish teams

P.S. Don’t forget our Mass is recorded for you on line via the Resurrection or St Anthony’s parish website, Resurrection Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

To access previous retreat days/topics please click here.

A reminder that all songs can be accessed from our website without leaving the reflection document. The bold blue text of the song title is a hyperlink to the song file on our website.

If you are using a Windows based device use Control – Click (hold the ctrl key and also left click with the mouse.)

For Apple touch devices such as an iPad, or iPhone, just tap the link to open it.

Unfair Treatment of People of Faith in the Latest COVID Roadmap – The Archbishop’s Invitation

In the light of no easing of restrictions for people of faith, we have been encouraged to exercise our voice on behalf of God’s people in the public arena. As with any such ‘raising of the voice’, we do so prudently, never attacking individuals or using language of anger or aggression, but showing boldness and conviction about what is ultimately reasonable and fair. There are template letters attached and on our website for you to use. The Archbishop suggests a phone call to the local member’s office followed by a letter. For all of Keysborough, Springvale South and Dingley and most of Noble Park, Martin Pakula is our local member. If you live in Noble Park on the other side of the railway line then Daniel Andrews (Mulgrave electoral district) is your local member. See map of the electoral district by clicking HERE::

Contact details and addresses for these local members are:

Martin Pakula Daniel Andrews

Electoral Office 9547 6262 Electoral Office 9548 5644

Address: Suite 3, 387-389 Springvale Road Address: 517A Princes Highway

Springvale 3171 Noble Park 3174

As there is talk of a further easing of restrictions it is important you act immediately in order to have your say.

Template Letter KEYSBOROUGH Electorate

Template Letter MULGRAVE Electorate



Tuesday 27 October