Resurrection Parish is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults

Lockdown #6 has been extended until 11:59 pm, Thursday 23rd September 2021, unless extended further.

We await the release of Victoria's roadmap out of lockdown which is due to be released this coming weekend.

Once released we will update you as soon as possible.

Please note that the new after hours emergency number for Resurrection Parish is now 0420 549 186. The previous emergency number is no longer active.

The Archdiocesan Office for Mission Renewal (Proclaim) is introducing a series of resources for parishioners called Lockdown Light. The Proclaim office hopes this small offering will be something to help unite and nourish parishioners, reminding them that while we remain physically separated, we are united through a God who is always present and close to us—especially during difficult times. The first week of this series is detailed below:

Lockdown Light—week three

A weekly series bringing ‘light’ to this time of lockdown …

Well and truly done with sourdough starters? Not interested in another DIY project? To help fill the void during lockdown, each week we’ll suggest some inspiring content to bring ‘light’ to this difficult time. Pop on the kettle and check out the recommendations below.

Resources for Christian living: Making the most of lockdown

In this blog post, local Melbourne mum of six, Kate Moriarty, shares some fun and creative ideas to help families make the most of their time together in lockdown. Find out more at

Getting to know your Bible: Opening up the Old Testament

Getting Started: This video by Bible Snap brings you the Old Testament in 8 minutes, with a comprehensive overview of where the books and people fit in the timeline of history. Watch at

Going Deeper: Exodus is one of the key books of the Old Testament. Hear about the pivotal events in Exodus from a range of other Christian Biblical scholars and theological experts in this 10-minute video. View here

Parish Census - Here are main reasons to complete and return your census card:

· you are new to Resurrection Parish

· or any of your details have changed since our last “normal” Census update in 2019, (e.g. a new address, new family member, your landline (home) phone number is no longer in use, you have a new mobile phone number)

· or you just haven’t completed a card for the Parish recently.

We ask you to please download and complete the census card from HERE.

Remember, in these difficult times, that our census database is the only record we have of our parishioners and how best to keep in contact with you.

All information you provide on a census card is treated confidentially by the Parish. Our Standard Collection Notice for privacy is also printed on the back of the census card.

Once your card is completed attach it to an email addressed to or .

Prayer request slip - CLICK HERE to download a slip to add a name(s) to the sick list, recently deceased or anniversary list. Please download, complete and email/return to Parish before midday Thursday to make it in time for the weekend newsletter and recorded Mass.