Welcome to TC05 Technical Commitee on Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies

The Technical Committee (TC05) on Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies in Industrial Electronics Society is an interdisciplinary forum for the development, implementation, discussion, assessment and dissemination of novel and effective methods to enhance, modernize and improve education in engineering and industrial technologies. The main topics comprehend curricula/course development, remote engineering, distance and blended education methodologies, project based learning, remote and virtual laboratories, tools for efficient teaching/learning and lifelong education in engineering disciplines.

With this aim the technical committee on education regularly organizes education related special sections on the relevant conferences such as IECON, ISIE and ICIT. Within the sessions the experience is exchanged, trends and visions are discussed and a ground for cooperation in the common projects, students exchange and other education and research based activities is set.

The committe has currently over 40 active members from academia and industry.


  • ICELIE2022

International Conference on E-Learning in Industrial Electronics

General Organizers: Larisa Dunai, Kazuhiro Umetani

Oct. 17-20, 2022, Brussels, Belgium


  • Student Challenge 2022

Challenge for secure and trusted learning standards

Important: https://sagroups.ieee.org/2834/student-challenge/

  • INDIN2022

25 - 28 July, 2022, Perth, Australia

Committee Track Chair:

João Martins (Portugal)

Important: https://2022.ieee-indin.org/

  • ISIE2022

1 - 3 June, 2022, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Committee Track Chair:

Oscar Lucia (Spain), Andreja Rojko (Austria), Kazuhiro Umetani (Japan)

Important: https://www.ieee-isie2022.org/

  • ICIT2022

28 - 31 March, 2022, Shanghai, China

Committee Track Chair:

Larisa Dunai (Spain), Kazuhiro Umetani (Japan)

Important: https://2022.ieee-icit.org/

  • ICELIE2021

International Conference on E-Learning in Industrial Electronics

Oct. 13-16, 2021, Online


  • IES Magazine Paper

Emerging trends in industrial electronics: A cross disciplinary view

O. Lucia, J. She, V. Huang, A. Chen, S. Yokota, M. Chow, Z. Cheng, L. Dunai, K. Umetani, M. Hilairet, and E. Monmasson

Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 127–139, March 2021.

  • IES Magazine Paper

Industrial electronics education: past, present and future perspectives

O. Lucia, J. Martins, Y. Ibrahim, K. Umetani, L. Gomes, H. Zeroug, and M. Manic

Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 140–154, March 2021.

  • ICIT2021, 22nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology

10-12 MARCH 2021 Palacio de Congresos de Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Committee Track Chair:

Larisa Dunai (Spain), Oscar Lucia (Spain)

Special Session: SS-05 Teaching and promoting electronics classes including online classes

Prof. Martin Novák, Prof. Larisa Dunai, Prof. Stanislav Klusáček

Important: https://ieee-icit2021.org/

  • IECON 2020, 46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES)

18-21 OCTOBER 2020 Marina Bay Sand Expo and Convention Centre, Singapur

Committee Track Chair: INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES Industrial Electronics and Education

Claudia-Melania Chituc (Germany), Oscar Lucia (Spain)

Special Session: SS-58 Continuous Learning on Intelligent Systems

Larisa Dunai, Allen Chen, Óscar Lucía

Special Session: SS-62 Cutting Edge Approaches to Human Factors in Engineering Education for Industrial Electronics

Larisa Dunai, Daisuke Chugo, Jinhua She, Kazuhiro Umetani

Important: https://www.iecon2020.org/