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Welcome to Our Scholars and Their Families

We believe it takes a village to raise a child and have created and will maintain this website to keep you informed of all that goes on at our school. Thank you for entrusting your scholars to us.

-Lissette Caesar

Principal Caesar with Chancellor Carranza.

To help keep our families informed, we have integrated the new Department of Education Website into ours for one stop access.

Our contact page has the new DoE website embedded on it so you may go right on that site from ours. Scroll down to the middle of that page for access.


As part of our commitment to prepare our scholars to succeed in the 21st Century, we provide the mindset tools of successful people. Research shows that success is based upon more than intelligence. The will to succeed and the ability persevere through challenges is a critical component. We invite you to view this TED talk about grit by Angela Lee Duckworth.

School's Motto: Scholars United in a Collaborative Community Engaged in Strategies to Soar

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