Mosaic Preparatory Academy

141 East 111th Street


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Welcome to Our Scholars and Their Families

We believe it takes a village to raise a child. We have created and will maintain this website to keep you informed of all that goes on at our school. Thank you for entrusting your scholars to us.

-Lisette Caesar

Mosaic is one block uptown from the 110th Street MTA stop

Principal Caesar with Chancellor Carranza.

Our Commitment

At Mosaic we are committed to preparing our scholars for the future by combining best practices academic rigor with leading edge proven technology tools. As part of our commitment to partner with our community, we invite you through this website and by collaborating with the Mosaic Team to give our scholars the great education they deserve.

Families of English Language Learners

Here is a link to our ELL page which has the DoE ELL page that you may translate to your most comfortable language

English Language Learners

Special Education

Here is a link to our Special Education Page which will take you to the DoE page full of useful information.

Special Education

Congratulations Professor Caesar

The founder and leader of Mosaic received the Lions Club of Bedford Stuyvesant Education Award

Dr. Alexandra Estrella, District 4 Superintendent with soon to be Dr. Caesar. Their ability to work cohesively has fueled the ongoing upward trend in Mosaic's standardized test metrics.

Muffins with Mom

If this video does not warm your heart, nothing will. Mosaic honors our partners in educating our scholars in a most delicious way.

Bring Your Father to School Day

This joyous annual event helps build our community and is extended beyond its paternal name to anyone connected to our scholars.

The Honorable Robert Rodriguez participated in this event by reading to our seniors.

Mosaic tends to the needs of the whole child including social emotional growth.

Google for Education

Google Classroom is the leading platform for integrating technology into the classroom and thanks to Professor Johnson, Mosaic is one of the only elementary schools in the DoE to use it. We also use it for our staff's Professional Learning Community.

The Dish

Help Support Mosaic Scholars donate books from

Club Fridays launched causing a plethora of smiling faces.

Scholars Can Be the Principal of Mosaic for a Day

In recognition of National Principals Month in October one Mosaic scholar will be selected Principal for a Day. To enter, write a 100 word persuasive essay explaining why you should be selected principal. Be sure to use reasons and evidence in your essay to support your claim of why you deserve to be the principal. All essays are due by October 15th.


As part of our commitment to prepare our scholars to succeed in the 21st Century, we provide the mindset tools of successful people. Research shows that success is based upon more than intelligence. The will to succeed and the ability persevere through challenges is a critical component. Grit is a central part of having a " Growth Mindset",which is a bedrock philosophy at Mosaic. We invite you to view this TED talk about grit by Angela Lee Duckworth.

School's Motto: Scholars United in a Collaborative Community Engaged in Strategies to Soar

This year Principal Caesar will earn her doctorate and continue to inspire her scholars of the power of education and high aspirations.

Mosaic makes learning fun.