Report Dispatcher and Report Pro Software Systems to Empower Your Axys/APX Team

Axys and APX are registered trademarks of SS&C | Advent

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Axys/APX Report Dispatcher

Web browser and Windows desktop versions are available.

Introducing our real-time reporting solution, for the entire, office using only a single Axys license on a central server! (APX coming soon.)

Yes, you read that right! Live reports on your PC, tablet, phone, Mac or Linux machines anytime and anywhere (based on your firm's security policies).

Your advisors will look state-of-the-art in front of your clients.

Axys and APX are registered trademarks of SS&C | Advent

i n f o @ v i a b i n a r y . c o mPlease contact us for demos and any questions you may have. All of our products come with a 30 day live test at your location!

Report Pro Batch Client Statement and Communications Creation System

We feel we have the industry leading report generation, binding and publishing module for any combination of Axys, APX, Reporting Services, Word and PDF reports. If your client statement or newsletter needs are not being met please contact us to discuss our very powerful solution.

Report Automation and Customization with ReportPro

ReportPro, our report packaging and distribution solution, will stream line your communication activities.

  • Setup custom report packages for each of your clients or third party recipients (accountants, advisors, etc.). Standard package models can be assigned to clients with common attributes such as Institutional or Retail, Taxable or Tax Exempt, etc.

  • Report packages can include Microsoft Reporting Services reports, Axys® reports, APX® reports, Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF (client specific or global), content from OTHER ReportPro packages, and text files. Setup documents to included data, such as address information, drawn directly from the warehouse or most other data sources.

  • The ability to place a hold status on a report, which keeps it in the queue but suspends publication until the hold is removed.

  • Sophisticated Printing (if you print) that allows for different options for each page of the report package. For example, have your address and cover page printed in black and white, with a portrait orientation and drawn from the top printer tray that contains letter head. The executive summary page, which contains tables and graphs, can be printed in color, in landscape mode and from tray 2.

  • Batch printing that allows for prioritizing specific reports.

  • The final PDF document can be auto-filed on your file servers multiple times and multiple ways or auto-publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Server.

ReportPro will improve internal communication and enhance your client reporting, while providing incredible flexibility in the content of your reports and their delivery methods. Ask us about integrating ReportPro with your existing CRM and work flow processes.