Our September 23rd VHSF Charity Comedy Night at American Legion Post 252 in Seminole was a near sold out show!.  We had great night of laughs and raised money supporting the Maui VA Clinic in the VA Pacific Island Healthcare Network. We appreciate everyone involved and all who came out to join us. Thank you for your support!

We will be planning more shows in the near future, so stay tuned for the next event!


Our mission is simple. We raise funds to support Veterans Hospital initiatives in place, providing care and comfort to disabled Veterans across the country.

What we do

We believe veterans deserve the best care our country has to offer. Our goal is to support existing Veterans Hospital programs and services already in place across the nation. Programs supported by VHSF funds include mental health and suicide prevention, social and housing services, rehabilitation equipment, homeless veterans assistance, the Women's Veterans Program, temporary housing for family of hospitalized veterans, gift card and phone card donations, transportation assistance and much more. The Veterans Hospital Support Foundation will ensure funding of these essential services and extend the reach of these programs to veterans that reside outside current coverage areas. We strive to keep our operating costs to a minimum in order to remit the most funds possible directly to our nations Veterans Hospitals.

Make a secure donation now through the PayPal Giving Fund. Paypal will waive all of the fees on donations to support our cause.

What we've done

Veterans Hospital Support Foundation is proud to announce our first donation! On May 30th, 2019 we delivered a $500 donation to the Bay Pines VA Hospital in Tampa Bay, Florida. Due to a direct request, $300 in $20 gift cards were donated to the Care and Transition Fund. These will go to Veterans recently separated from service in urgent need of assistance. We also donated $200 to the Mental Health Fund to provide special needs for Mental Health Domiciliary Veterans. This is only our first small step to improving the lives of our Veterans in need, and it has been made possible by you, our supporters. We truly appreciate our donors and look forward to providing future assistance to Veterans in need all across the nation.  

August, 2020 we donated $300 to the Alaska VA Healthcare System. The donation, by VA request, went to the General Fund to aid homeless veteran relief and COVID related assistance. Once again, this was made possible by donors like you! Thank you to everyone that has donated and supported us in helping ensure our Veterans in need get the support they deserve! 

December, 2021 a $300 donation was made to the Albany, New York VA.  This donation was made to provide coverage for the needs of Veterans in Hospice care in honor and memory of US Army veteran William Fluewelling.

December, 2022 $250 went to the Homeless Veterans Program at the James A. Haley VA, in Tampa, FL for use in providing for the needs of homeless veterans in Tampa during the holiday season.

May, 2023 VHSF purchased a pallet of water for the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System in Pinellas County, Florida for $404.99.  Due to recent regulatory changes, the VA is no longer authorized to purchase bottled water. At the guidance of the Department of Voluntary Service, we donated a pallet of bottled water (1920 bottles), to be used in pantry packs for local homeless veterans and for volunteers serving veterans in our community.

September, 2023 VHSF donated $1,000 to the VA Pacific Island Healthcare Network to aid the Maui VA Clinic in caring for our Veterans affected by the recent wildfire on the Island of Maui.