VGEC SSIP cell supports student Innovation and Startup through funding, mentor ship, co-working space, patent filing and legal assistance. VGEC had received funding of INR 1.2 crore from Education Department, Government of Gujarat under SSIP Policy.

VGEC SSIP Cell has the following goals:

  • To disseminate knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial practice and theory through lectures, seminar activities and workshops.
  • To collaborate with similar bodies in other Business schools, training institutes & technology institutes to accomplish the objectives.
  • To seek tie-ups with Non-profit Entrepreneurial organizations connecting e-cell to global network of entrepreneurs.
  • To create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide budding entrepreneurs.
  • Ecosystem for early stage entrepreneurs
  • Starting Innovation incubation center
  • Starting Campus Companies

SSIP Cell Vision:

  • To establish ourselves as a complete startup incubation Center providing support across all facets of entrepreneurship-startups and throughout all stages of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • To initialize The Nation-Level Entrepreneurship Network thereby joining hands with the like-minded communities, organizations and Technology Institutes towards a common goal.
  • To bring the brightest ideas from around the world to the forefront by organizing timely Entrepreneurship Challenges assuring exposure to budding entrepreneurs.

Rules and Regulations for registered Startups:

  • Each startup/enterprise must have founder or a co-founder studying in VGEC or VGEC Alumni student.
  • The co-working space must be solely used for entrepreneurship work.
  • Every Member must produce their identity when asked to produce.
  • Every Member must take utmost care of co-working space any damage to the property will result in expelling of the member or penalty will be fined against them.
  • Co-working space is meant to be used by startups of VGEC for their work, it is expected that students will work harmoniously and use it in a way it is really meant for.
  • All the rules as applicable to SSIP grantee from SSIP Policy.