vPosters 2020 Awards

all certificates and awards details will be published here next week


Award for Excellence

Atef Alreni

Artefact Generation on Successful Microscope Scans via Perlin Noise

Varna Free University, B.Cs. Computing and Computer Science

Award for Excellence

Simeon Atanasov

Accelerated GLCM sliding window image generation with libglcmsw

High School of Mathematics “Dr. Petar Beron”, Varna Free University

Award for Excellence

Mario Maroun

Make Your Decision

Varna Free University, PhD Program Computer Science

Award for Excellence

Hussein Ibrahim, Mohamad Fakherdin, Issa Kamar

Brain Signal Analysis and Diagnostics Prediction. The Effect of Auditory and Visual Stimulations on Live Recording of EEG

Varna Free University, PhD Program Computer Science

Science Fiction for Sure

Certificate of Achievement

1st Place

Yana Stoyanova, Kalina Peteva

Memory reality. Converting memories into virtual reality

Varna Free University, BA International Business

2nd Place

Yehya Al Sawda

5 dimensions related to brain, VFU student candidate


Certificate of Achievement

1st Place

Serkan R. Halil, Georgi Yordanov, Danail Petrov

Development and implementation of Information Security Management System at Computer Technologies LTD based on the requirements of the internationally recognized standard ISO 27001:2013

Varna Free University, M.Sc. Cybersecurity

2nd Place

Issa Kamar, Mohamad Fakhreddin, Hussein Ibrahim, Nadine Beiz

Third Party Auditor

Varna Free University, PhD Program Computer Science

3rd Place

Issa Kamar

Comparison Between FBMC And OFDM In Fiber Communication

Varna Free University, PhD Program Computer Science

vPoster Session Rules

vPoster 2020 is a part of SmartConf 2020

There are three topics of interest in the Virtual Poster Session:




vPosters shoud present a project idea or an implemented scientific research or applied project.

In every poster the authours and their contacts, organizations have to be mentioned and also the name of the event SmartConf2020 linked to (https://events.vfu.bg/smartconf_2020)

Deadline for submitting vPosters is 4.12.2020; 13:00 BG time

Only pdf- files are accepted

You have to submit to galina.momcheva@vfu.bg; antonina.ivanova@.vfu.bg

The posters will be presented virtually from authours on the 5th Dec

The posters will be evaluated from SmartConf2020 Programming Committee. The final awards will be announced in the Award session

If you have some questions, please ask us!