Vet Air is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to ensuring that veterans have the necessary travel solutions to and from their medical care appointments free of charge. This is accomplished by partnering with a network of volunteer pilots, aircraft owners, commercial aviators and with ground transport providers dedicated to providing transportation to veterans.

general aviation transportation

Utilizing volunteer pilots and general aviation aircraft Vet Air is able to transport veterans from general aviation airports near the veterans home to general aviation airport within short distance of their medical appointment.

You can request a general aviation flight here.

Commercial Air Transportaion

Veterans who find themselves with a need to travel commercially for a medical appointment or for a compassionate reason may qualify for a flight paid for by Vet Air.

Apply here.

Ground Transportation

Vet Air has partnered with ride share companies and volunteers to provide veterans rides from their home to their medical appointments free of charge. Veterans who are not able to ride public transit, do not have a drivers license, unable to drive or who lack the means to secure transportation are available for this service.

Request your ride here.