Engineering Club

Congratulations to the following Engineering Club members. This was a hard decision. We had almost 150 applicants and had to narrow it down to 30. A letter is going home today 9/21/2018 with more information.

Henry McKinnon

Davis Witt

Palmer McKay

Mia Etherton

Braden Ward

Joey Zabriskie

Luke Snowden

Richard Wright

Kevin Wang

Pamela Hernandez

Wyatt Robinson

Aubrey Squires

Robert Roebuck

Eva Davey

Braden Belski

Aleena Roy

Diego Velez Garcia

Hannah White

Shreyas Kreshava

Jack Church

Claire Placzek

William Gaddy

Lillian Carter

Anderson Blount

Pepper Bedford

Carter Brown

Matthew Decker

Daniel McCormick

Reese LaRocca

Jenna Hartsough

Welcome to our Engineering Club Website

Students who are interested in problem solving, design, teamwork and competition are welcome to apply for a spot in our club! We will meet after school 4 times to prepare for the E3 Engineering Competition held in December (Tuesday the 11th during the school day as a field trip) at The University of Montevallo. The competition changes a little bit each year, but in general, kids are given an Engineering based challenge and have to construct a device to accomplish a particular goal. There are a few requirements that need to be met before you apply. Please read them below.


1. Students need to attend the informational meeting at school on Tuesday, September 4 at 2:15 p.m. in the lunchroom if they are interested in learning more about this club. (30 points)

2. Parents need to review the MEETING SCHEDULE and make sure your student will be available on the scheduled meeting dates. We work as a team and lack of participation causes the team to suffer. Unexcused absences from team meeting can lead to removal from the team. Spots will be quickly filled from the waiting list.

3. Have a parent complete the PARENT FORM under the tab above. (10 points)

4. Students complete the STUDENT FORM under the tab above. (10 points)

5. Complete ALL TASKS by Wednesday, September 12th at 12 PM.

We can have no more than 30 members in this club. If we have MORE than 30 students apply, then we will use the above- listed points system to help us in this process. We may also have a quick build challenge AFTER SCHOOL to see how well students work together. Those who contribute and work well together will be scored accordingly.

Parents will be notified if their student is in the club the last week of September AND it will be listed on this website.