Orphan Connection

Orphan Connection

The facts and statistics surrounding the Global Orphan Crisis can be hard to understand and easily misinterpreted. This can lead to misinformed advocacy efforts and poor policy making, even by those with the best intentions.

As it stands there are currently 150 million ‘orphans’ in the world. When I first heard that statistic, I thought to myself, “That can’t be right?” And in fact, it isn’t. Well, not according to how most of us in ‘developed’ countries would tend to think about ‘orphans’ – as a child with no remaining parents (referred to as a ‘double orphan’) – because this number also includes those children who have lost just one parent and remain with the parent still surviving (referred to as a ‘single orphan’).

The reasons for such ‘confusing counting’ has its origins in the HIV/AIDs pandemic, which began taking the lives of millions of parents from the mid-1990s onward, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa where the global orphan crisis is at its worst. We will expand on this and more later, but for now what is important to realize is the following:

How we conceptualize and understand the ‘Global Orphan Crisis’– and work towards policies and strategies for protection and development that have at their heart the best interests of the orphaned child – is perhaps one of the most difficult and contested issues in global development today.

Our solution is Simple: Sustain the Orphanage and Orphans while connecting individuals wanting to adopt these children to viable solutions stabilizing the family.

Our Network currently extends to the following:

  • Kenya - Africa
  • Romana - Repubilca Dominicana
  • San Jose Caldera - Guatemala
  • Progresso - Mexico
  • Belo Horizonte - Brazil

We partner with families and organizations who have a desire to adopt a child integrating them in their families.

Our Orphanage & Adoption Program operates at a $3.5MM Per year Budget. This budget includes:

  • Food & Nutrition Essentials for the Orphans
  • Housing & Clothing
  • Education - Via the KHAN Academy
  • Technology Services
  • Transportation
  • Medical Attention
  • Security
  • Staff