Home Rescue Project

.....if you though the Crisis was over; think again!

In 2008 we were exposed to a massive housing crisis in the US. Millions lost their homes to foreclosure causing prices to plummet having a side cause of people loosing their investments and wealth,

The current income inequality is a direct result of this event; and it's still happening!

Though unemployment is reported to be at a low - wages haven't grown. People are over qualified for jobs they do; just to make ends meet.

People are more in debt then ever and credit is at an all time low. While the cost of everything else grows Foreclosures are rising

Our Solution is to Purchase homes as a Deed in Lieu, Short Sale, or Foreclosure from home owners and have them leased to own for 24-36 months.

This will allow time for our home owner to:

  • Fix credit deficiencies and raising their credit score
  • Obtain education to move upward in their career
  • Decide if they want to move on from their property and perhaps purchase something else.

How it Works

Budget: $5MM Per Year